James Van Der Beek, Kimberly Brooks

Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Green Is Universal

James Van Der Beek is a busy man these days.

Not only did wife Kimberly Brook give birth to their first baby, daughter Olivia, in September, but he's also got a new sitcom in the works.

We'll get to all that in a sec, but first we're also happy to report he's finding some time to think and be green...

"I'm trying to learn more about it right now," Van Der Beek tell us. "We actually got a diesel car. That was a start. We really wanted something with the least amount of emissions.

"We also recycle," he said. "We're trying to do all that kind of stuff."

As for being a new dad, the former teen heartthrob gushed, "Her first teeth are coming in and she's starting to crawl now.

"She's getting a bit more mobile, so I've had to babyproof the house."

Work has him reliving his Creek days—sorta. He costars in the pilot for Don't Trust the B***h in Apartment 23 as an actor named James Van Der Beek. "He's an actor in the city who used the fact that he was on Dawson's Creek to get laid," he said.

So, did he ever use the tactic in real life?

"Never," he said, smiling. "Never!"

But then he added with a laugh, "Maybe."

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