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By now you've heard the tale of the scandalous kurfuffle between Hollywood's Bad Seed, Lindsay Lohan, and Hollywood's Golden Grandma, Betty White. White recently smeared LiLo as "unprofessional" and "ungrateful." The Mean Girl fired back, labeling White's behavior "strange." It's an unexpected showdown and only one can be left standing. Read on as The Soup Blog breaks down the sordid Tale of the Tape...

White: 89

Lohan: 24

ADVANTAGE: Betty White 

White: 5' 4"

Lohan: 5' 5"

ADVANTAGE: Lindsay Lohan 

White: 7 Emmys, 3 American Comedy Awards, SAG Lifetime Achievement Award

Lohan: 1999 Blockbuster Awards - Favorite Female Newcomer (Co-Runner-Up)

ADVANTAGE: Betty White 

Hollywood Experience:
White: Six decades of memorable, timeless & industry-shaping work. From the stage to the screen, she is an icon in every sense of the word

Lohan: About 13 years (was once an extra on Another World)

ADVANTAGE: Betty White

Career Highlight:
White: Completed an episode of NBC's Community

Lohan: Completed 10 days of court-ordered community service

ADVANTAGE: Betty White

Currently Working On:
White: TV Land's Hot In Cleveland

Lohan: I Know Who Killed Me 2: This Time I Really Know

ADVANTAGE: Lindsay Lohan

Charitable Works:
White: Renowned animal health advocate. Has donated hundreds of thousand of dollars to benefit zoo animals

Lohan : Michael and Dina


Court Appearances:
White: 1. She once appeared before King Henry II, accused of stealing his necklace, but royal surveillance tapes cleared her of any wrongdoing

Lohan: 142

ADVANTAGE: Betty White

Favorite Pastime:
White: Snuggling up with her kitty Fritz and some hot cocoa

Lohan: Snuggling up with a couple chicks and some Four Loko

ADVANTAGE: Lindsay Lohan

Guest Appearances on The Soup:
White: 0

Lohan: 0

ADVANTAGE: Still up for grabs. (What's the matter ladies? You think you're better than the stars of RuPaul's Drag Race?)

And the winner, by decision, is....Betty "The Eldest" White! Lohan put up a great fight, but White's quick feet and sharp tongue were just too much for LiLo's booze and hot pants to handle. 

What Celeb Tale of the Tape will be next? Stay tuned to The Soup Blog to find out...

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