Courteney Cox, David Arquette

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David Arquette is sitting in on Howard Stern's radio show all week. And we all know what that means—he'll be telling us every little detail about his ups and downs with Courteney Cox.

Here is what we learned today: While the separated but still-married duo (who looked awfully cozy at the Scream 4 premiere in Los Angeles last night) were gallivanting around Disney World last week with daughter Coco, Arquette turned the Happiest Place on Earth into the Horniest Place on Earth after he put the moves on his longtime love.

Did Cox give in to his charms?

After repeatedly denying that Cox was involved with either of the two Cougar Town co-stars she's been linked to, the still sober Arquette revealed that while vacationing in Mickey Mouse land he tried to "f--k" his still wife.

"I shouldn't have said that," he blurted out immediately afterward. Whoops. But then he went on to describe the incident in great detail and called Cox a "really special person."

"We do love each other with all our hearts," he explained. "But she has her boundaries with me and that's the way things go."

So is he saying it didn't happen?

That's right, he was flat-out rejected. In fact, Courteney and 6-year-old Coco even slept separately in one room at the Orlando theme park while Arquette was banished to another for the two days they were there.

Arquette had made his move, trying to kiss Cox, he says, "during the day" while they were together talking and Coco was off with some of her cousins. He also revealed that he wishes he was still with the Friends star, but that they probably are headed for a divorce now. (They both previously have always stuck with the story that a reconciliation was possible.)

"We're incompatible and we're different people," Arquette said. "We are headed towards a decision."

We're sure he'll keep us all in the loop this week. Stay tuned.

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