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Dear Ted:
When Water For Elephants finally premieres, do you think Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will walk the red carpet together? Kristen showed up for Rob's Remember Me premiere. Will she show up for this one?

Dear Hold Your Breath:
Until Sunday at least. It's been whispered that if K.Stew does make an appearance to support her beau it would be in NYC for this Sunday's premiere. Thing is, with all this crap flying around that Robsten are finito, we feel like she may just not show to stick it to us all. But then again, Rob did give her a dream, laid-back B-day celebration last weekend. She owes him. My guess is Stew makes it, sneaks through a back door and then right back out after the movie. Classic Kristen!  

Dear Ted:
Are Sally Pearlsmyth and Percy DuBois Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper?

Dear Wrong:
Nope. Think even sweeter, on Sally's part.

Dear Ted:
You've described Gwyneth Paltrow as "icy." Is this because she's just private and isn't warm toward people she doesn't know? She just seems really cool (like the cool kid in high school). I actually heard a voicemail from her to a radio host in Chicago that was so sweet, heartfelt thanking her for playing Country Strong on her station. Tell me more because I love Gwyneth and she just seems to have always had the perfect life.

Dear Ice Queen:
She's not icy per se—just doesn't show emotion to the degree other actresses do. Gwyneth definitely stole some hearts in Country Strong, and we would even say that with that performance she made some haters newfound admirers. Her acting and even signing careers are peaking right now, and we're happy for her, ice and all.  

Dear Ted:
I have two guesses for Cookie Muncher: Naomi Campbell or Iman?

Dear Double Whammy:
No, and uh no. But you're on the right track, hon!

Dear Ted:
I have a couple questions. First, Kim Stewart and Benicio Del Toro? Seems like an F-buddy situation gone awry. Any thoughts? Also, did Caesar Anchovy-Arse recently get a more permanent gig? I'm really trying to figure out the identity of this creep. I don't want to support an abuser whether it be his TV shows, music or movies.

Dear Questions Galore:
On the Kim and Benicio situation—agreed. How random and weird. We just wonder if he'll be sticking around and if she's really ready for motherhood. As to your Caesar question, none of his gigs are ever permanent. No one can stand him for too long, well except Strippa I guess. 

Dear Ted:
My question is about Michael Angarano: Why do you think he is no competition to Robert Pattinson? I recently watched The Forbidden Kingdom with my husband, and we both agree he was charismatic and better-looking than R.P. I personally hadn't seen him in anything else, but he reminded me of Shia LaBeouf, or even a young Ryan Reynolds. What are his chances to make it in Hollywood?

Dear So Sweet:
Totally see the Shia resemblance, but how much of a compliment is that? The dude can be a little kooky at times. Reynolds is a stretch—literally—but give or take a few inches, we could maybe see it. It all comes down to his acting, and for what it's worth, Michael's got potential. Rob's just the whole package, and that's giving him one monster of a lead in the Hollywood scene right now.

Dear Ted:
Ashley Greene was (seemingly deliberately) papped shopping at home in L.A. this weekend instead of attending the Breaking Dawn wrap party in Canada. What, if anything, should we be reading into this?

Dear Crystal Clear:
She's over it. Sure she's tired of living in Kristen's shadow and pretending to be all buddy-buddy. Plus, Ash must be moody over which big-time boyfriend to nab next.

Dear Ted:
I think Natalie Portman would have been better choice of playing Lois Lane than Amy Adams in the new Superman movie. I do like Amy Adams, just not for this role. What are your thoughts?

Dear Not Loving Lois:
I'm all for Natalie in any role right now. She's an amazing actress and could do it all if she wanted. But it's only fair some other dolls get their time to shine. Let's wait and see how well, or brutally bad, Amy does as Lois. You never know. I mean, the world wasn't raving about Portman until post-Black Swan.

Dear Ted:
There was an interview with Reese Witherspoon and Rob where she asked how he was adjusting to married life. Was it a slip of a secret or just a misunderstanding on her part? I don't think they are married but maybe a slip of the engagement?

Dear C Is for Confused:
Pretty sure she was joking since Rob has been filming all the married (and sex) scenes for Breaking Dawn. Figuratively and cinematically, he's adjusting to married life. That's all. No need to read into it, hon!

Dear Ted:
I am always tickled watching you at your messy desk. Could you please tell me what's up with Kristen and Rob? Too many conflicting stories. I'd be grateful. Your would-be girlfriend.

Dear Dream GF:
Did you not see these coupley pics from K.Stew's chill birthday weekend? They even shared a cig outside the celebration, which basically transfers to "totally committed" in Robsten language. Don't fret; their fire is still burning just like your love for me!

Dear Ted:
The rumor is Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgård have broken up. What can we expect from these two during the Coachella music festival this weekend?

Dear Too Much:
We're telling you, Alexander is outgrowing Kate in a major way, and it would not shock us in the slightest bit if they have already called off their relaysh. Still, if they are on for now, making an appearance at Cochella together would make Skars seem way younger and still taken.

Dear Ted:
for Cleo! If anyone has the man-eating and humanitarian ways of Liz Taylor it would be Scarlett Johansson! She doesn't have the all those marriages behind her, but give her time, she seems like the sort who's looking for love. Angelina Jolie may have Liz's intensity and coloring, but Liz never hid who or what she was—so unlike Angie. Your thoughts?

Dear Great Mind:
Just what I was thinking, but didn't want to say! Scar should definitely be considered for the part, but right now she's too busy working on her fitness with her man Sean Penn to worry about the epic role of Cleo. If the movie stays in neutral for a while, we feel like ScarJo could have a chance though.

Dear Ted:
Are you buying the romance reports of Pia Toscano and Mark Ballas? I say it's a publicity stunt...

Dear Faking It:
An American Idol eliminee and a dancer with the stars? Could have huge PR potential, but let's wait and see how far they go. Jashley showed their true colors in the end, didn't they?

Dear Ted:
I've asked so many times, so could you please  pay attention to li'l ol' me? What is Joaquin Phoenix up to these days? Can't anyone get news about him? Is he that big of a recluse? You see all, know all, so spill all!

Dear Desperate:
Sorry, but no one cares after Walk the Line. He was great, but now he's gone. Time to deal until he decides to come out of hiding, but still appreciate your love, hon!

Dear Ted:
I'm wondering if Julia Roberts is Cookie Muncher? Although I can't picture her dancing on any tables.

Dear Maybe...Not:
Really? Because we could totally see Roberts getting up to dance on a table with a few drinks in her. She can get wild with the best of them. Regardless, wrong cookie!

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