DWTS, Kendra Wilkinson, Louis Van Amstel

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Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett isn't happy today.

She was at the bottom of the leaderboard on last night's Dancing With the Stars after she and Louis Van Amstel waltzed away with three 6's from the judges,

She wants to do better. Turns out Ms. Kendra is quite the competitior.

Read on to find out what she just told me about being a perfectionist, what she and Louis have planned for next week and what's up with the icepack on her knee…

How you feeling today?
I'm good. I'm doing good.

So last night wasn't your best night but there's always next week.
I've come to realize I wasn't born a dancer. You know, it's a lot of pressure. Maybe a little too much pressure for me to handle. To be perfect in four days isn't my thing. So I'm just trying to have fun with it even if I'm not perfect. I'm trying to have a good time along the way, along the journey. But it's hard. I've never in my life put on heels and glided across a dancefloor. Maybe walking around a stripper pole a couple of times, but I wasn't doing splits or any of that. This is way more serious than I thought it was. Maybe I'm just taking it that way.

Yeah, I can't imagine Louis is berating you.
You know, I'm a very a very competitive person. I've always been competitive. It's in my blood to be competitive. Everybody I turn to is like, "You're too hard on yourself." I think people need to stop saying that to me. I'm not too hard. It's because I care. It's because I want to do good...One day I can have a perfect day of golf and have a beer afterwards to celebrate. But the next day I'll go out and golf and I won't hit a shot on the green and that will haunt me for the rest of the day.

But did you ever think just three weeks ago you'd be doing what you're doing on the dancefloor now?
No. I definitely thought it was going to be a lot easier than it is. I've come to realize it's a lot harder than it looked.

So how's that knee? We keep seeing you with an icepack on it.
Oh, my body is fine. I can take a hit. I'm not in pain. It's just very mental. The mental part hurts more than the physical.

What's it like seeing Hank standing up and cheering for you every week?
Hank is my biggest supporter. When the show ends, I run into his arms and I hold him and I don't want to let go. That's where I feel most beautiful, the most comfortable. At the end of the day, I'm doing this for him and my son. What matters to me is making my husband and son proud.

What's up for next week?
If I survive tonight, we have the fox trot. Our song is pretty interesting. I don't know how we couldn't have fun with this song.

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