Red Sox fan John Krasinski called Alec Baldwin to Jack talk trash on the Yankees—but Jack Donaghy answered the phone instead.

Fresh off the weekend baseball matchup between Boston and New York, the infamous rivalry turned hilarious in a chic black-and-white commercial for New Era hats featuring The Office star (a big Sox fan) dialing 30 Rock's Yank fanatic to rip Baldwin's home team.

That's when Baldwin goes all throaty-voiced Donaghy boss-man on him—and a pretty funny back-and-forth ensues.

Baldwin is in the middle of a dinner party when he takes a call on his cell from Krasinski, saying "Hello, John."

"Hey, quick question," Krasinski says. "Are you a Phillies fan now, since you guys couldn't get Cliff Lee and he went to Philadelphia for less money?" 

"First of all," Baldwin whispers, "Yankee fans don't consider Philadelphia to be a legitimate sports town. John, you know that...

"John, John, John, for the last time, this is not a rivalry, just like fire doesn't have a rivalry with kindling."

"Let me ask you something seriously though," Krasinski shoots back. "How are you a Yankees fan at all? It's like being a huge fan of fascism."

Baldwin retaliates by borrowing some of Charlie Sheen's vocabulary.

"No, it's like being a huge fan of winning. Which we do. Relentlessly...Go ahead—celebrate in April. We'll dance in October," he says. 

At the end, Krasinski goes a bit far, picking on Baldwin's age. Watch his reaction for yourselves. 

Viewers can vote for Team Baldwin or Team Krasinski on New Era's website. Team Baldwin is currently winning this battle.

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