The Wire's Snoop Finally Bails Out

Actress Felicia Pearson gains temporary freedom after getting snared in a real-life sting operation

By Josh Grossberg Apr 08, 2011 9:47 PMTags
Felicia Snoop PearsonHBO

Instead of purportedly hanging out with heroin pushers, Felicia Pearson can now get back to pushing her once-promising Hollywood career.

The actress, who played the drug-dealing assassin Snoop on HBO's The Wire, has been freed from a Baltimore jail on $50,000 bond after her lawyers ironed out a deal with prosecutors in her drug conspiracy case.

So just what were the terms exactly?

Following a hearing today in Baltimore Circuit Court, the 30-year-old Pearson agreed to wear an electronic ankle bracelet that will monitor her movements. In return, she's been granted permission to travel out of state for jobs, such as the one that's taking her to Philadelphia for a movie role.

"One of the reasons she wanted out was to do a film so the monitoring will still cover that area," a spokesman for the Office of the State Attorney for Baltimore City told E! News, confirming her release.

"We had a lot of discussions, but mostly it was just about legitimizing that, if she gets out, she'll be working and she's not a flight risk," her attorney, Benjamin Sutley, told the Baltimore Sun.

Pearson was one of 64 people rolled up in a drug raid and charged with conspiracy to distribute heroin as part of a drug ring plaguing East Baltimore, according to an indictment agasint the thesp.

And like The Wire, the case was said to involve wiretaps, which led to Pearson's arrest and now pending arraignment set for May 5.