Wendy Williams, Feet, Twitter


If you've spent your week replaying the footage of Katie Couric's colonoscopy, here's what you missed on the Soup front.

1. Wendy Williams: The bewigged wonder may have been given the boot on Dancing With the Stars, but she took home a lovely parting gift: the ravaged feet of a Russian farm laborer.

One down, four to go!





2. Dancing With the Stars: Kirstie Alley's big talent is bulging out all over as she gracefully owns the DWTS floor, but the show biz vet is thrown into mind-numbing confusion when her partner Maksim is felled by a muscle spasm. Next stop, comfort food.

3. Sex Robot: We may not have cars that fly and personal jet packs as the future once promised, but at least science is on the verge of giving humanity a robot to bang.

4. Watch What Happens Live: If you think impish sass-hole Andy Cohen's chirpy brand of 'tude cannot possibly be curbed, watch his spit gap smile wither in the face of The Real Houswives of Miami reunion "special."

5. Carrot Top: Nothing says pure entertainment like the potent cocktail of buff prop-jockey Carrot Top and a dead hooker. A special moment from the Soup Awards, just for you.

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