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And we thought Charlie Sheen had problems.

A television director whose credits include Two and a Half Men, King of Queens and other hit shows is being sued by his ex-wife for breaking into their former residence, hacking into her computer and posting a nude picture of her new boyfriend on her Facebook page.

And just how exactly did he get this naked pic?

More on that later. First lets get to the suit.

According to court documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, defendant, Robert Schiller is accused by former missus Barbara Schiller of having an affair in July 2008 while in England working on a project. That tryst prompting her to file for divorce shortly thereafter.

As part of the terms of their March 2009 separation, the helmer was barred from entering the couple's residence. Both shared custody of their five children.

On Nov. 20, 2010, after Barbara began seeing her current boyfriend (whose identity was not revealed), the suit states that Robert entered the house without permission while she was out, got on her computer and accessed her Facebook page, learning about the new guy. He then allegedly left her a series of profanity-laced cell phone messages that would Mel Gibson blush.

"You are such a f--king liar, you can't even own up to the fact that you are in love with him, and you are f--king done with me, aren't you? You are using me to f--kin' get what you want," Schiller said in one voice mail, per the filing.

Which brings us to the nude shot. That same night, Robert allegedly rifled through her computer files and found a naked photograph the boyfriend sent her, then uploaded the image to Barbara's Facebook wall with the note: "lucky me." The pic subsequently posted to the "news feed" page, going out to various friends with permission to view her posts. Schiller than went to the bedroom, allegedly snagged a Chanel J12 watch valued at $11,000 and left the home.

After learning of the nude photo on her Facebook page from a friend, an upset Barbara contacted police and they accompanied her to Robert's place. After giving her the watch back, he confirmed that he had broken into the home, posted the photo to Facebook and—per court docs—ejaculated all over it (ewww!).

Later, in a bid to "buy Plaintiff's silence" and get her to drop charges against him, Barbara alleges he offered her a BMW and $100,000 to make the matter go away, which she rejected. Robert did eventually apologize via text but that didn't stop her from hitting with the lawsuit.

Barbara is suing for trespassing, unauthorized access to a computer, invasion of privacy as well as severe emotional distress and is seeking damages in excess of $1 million.

A lawyer for the TV director could not be reached for comment.

—Reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum

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