Smallville Boss Talks Finale: "Having Lex Come Back Is Huge"

Exclusive interview that reveals what's ahead of Clark and Lois, and what to expect in the series finale

By Jenna Mullins Apr 15, 2011 11:02 PMTags
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Tonight, Clark Kent prepares for his final journey—and Smallville fans will have to start preparing for the end of their beloved show after ten seasons. We thought it was only appropriate to get on the phone with executive producer Kelly Souders (one of the women responsible for bringing us such a super show for so long) so we could bring you scoop on the rest of season 10.

And because we know you Smallville fans don't want to miss a single word about the final episodes, we're posting the entire Q&A, because Kelly was more than happy to give us tidbits on Clark (Tom Welling) and Lois (Erica Durance), plus how fans will feel after the series ending episode:

Q&A with Smallville Executive Producer Kelly Souders

How did you and the other writers approach the final episodes?
I think we approached it as fans ourselves and we want everyone to get exactly what they're hoping for on their dream wish list. But we know that it would be kind of impossible to make everyone's dreams come true, so we focused on ourselves as fans and what we would really want to see and that's how it came together.

Do you think fans will be satisfied with the series finale?
I think that they will love the moments that will come in the finale. It's hard for anyone to be satisfied when something is coming to an end. I think the thing they will not be satisfied with is that there will not be a season 11.

Tell us about "Kent," tonight's episode.
I would say there is a lot of depth to it as far as diving into some of the psyches of some of our characters in the episode. I have always enjoyed watching our characters get cornered and seeing what really means something to them.

What will Clark and Lois's journey be like throughout the rest of the season?
I would have to say it gets put through the ringer a little bit. I think that whenever you have one of the great romances in all of history, which I truly believe Clark and Lois are that, it's going to have some of the great trials, it's not going to be easy so I will just say that when they finally get together they certainly deserve every moment of the happiness that they attain.

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Did you and the other writers always plan on them getting engaged?
Well, we knew that we needed to advance their relationship so that is what we had wanted to do was to not have to style it out so that was the intent. And luckily it was able to come to fruition.  

Are there any scenes from the last few episodes that you're excited for fans to see?
Wow, pretty much the entire finale! I mean there are a lot of different things that are coming up. Booster is so much fun. We get to introduce Booster Gold from the DC world, and he is literally the antithesis of Clark Kent. There are a lot of really wonderful moments in that. And when Clark is learning to become more Clark Kent and having Zod come back to the show—and Justin actually directed that episode—seeing him on screen again, and it's a slightly different version of him, I will say that it's like that squared. That has been really exciting. There are so many moments! Having Lex come back is huge, and Lionel Luthor. It's really interesting; between Tess and Lionel and Lex it gets a little complicated, well that's probably not the right word, but it's certainly exciting and you don't want to get up and get something from the kitchen during the commercials!

Speaking of Lex Luthor, why did you guys decide to bring Michael Rosenbaum back?
Well, we have wanted to have him back for years, but Michael has been very busy and the scheduling just never worked out. So when he had an opening to come back and do the finale, he gave us a call and he told us he might be able to make it happen, and we told him he needed to and it certainly felt right to have him there.

Can viewers expect more iconic moments from the comic books and the movies in the final episodes?
I think so. I think they should keep their eyes peeled to the screen.

What was the atmosphere on set like while shooting the final episodes?
It had been going on for months. First the writers are finished and then different people end up shooting out earlier than others so literally it was a three month goodbye. It's been very difficult.

Do you have a message forall the devoted Smallville fans?
Just a big thank you. It's very difficult for us to express how much we have been given by getting to have this job. It has been such a dream such a rare opportunity and we know we wouldn't have had one minute of it without them.

It's the beginning of the end tonight. What are you hoping to see as Smallville wraps up? Think Lois and Clark will make it down the aisle? Check out the preview for tonight's episode, and then fly down to the comments to start the goodbye party!