Could Eddie's Playboy Ways Be the Story Behind LeAnn's Wasting Away?

We think we may understand why LeAnn thinks skin and bone is hot

By Ted Casablanca, Ivana Dukanovic Apr 08, 2011 1:30 PMTags
LeAnn Rimes, Eddie CibrianGSI Media

While LeAnn Rimes tweets away about her disappearing frame, fiancé Eddie Cibrian has been working on a new NBC TV series fittingly called Playboys, which centers on the Bunnies and the raunchy men of the original ‘60s Playboy Club in Chicago.

Oh, and guess what? Eddie has the lead, and rather risqué, male role in the series. We smell some serious body envy.

With all those Bunnies bopping around, how can LeAnn not count her calories? Maybe it's time she inhale about 5,000-plus since...

She has nothing to worry about, we think.

Eddie will be playing the suave yet über-mysterious lawyer Nick Dalton, who has some ironically illegal and mafioso connections, as well as the key to the glamorous and exclusive Playboy Club.

The list of female counterparts for Eddie's new show seems to scream taken or off-limits. One of the main bunnies (Maureen) will be played by Amber Heard, who we hear is currently taken.

Heard's character is an orphan and newbie at the Club, but her dark past makes her all the more sensual. Not to mention, she looks amazing in that Bunny costume per a pic she Facebooked last week.

As long as Eddie sticks to merely acting the ultimate playboy, there should be no on-set affair round two to bite LeAnn's nonexistent behind.  

Plus, her fiancé is also starring opposite actress Jenna Dewan, who is married to the definition of hunk, Channing Tatum. Whew! You can breathe and take a bite of that "thin mint" now, huh LeAnn?

Still, from the looks of some of the stills from the Chicago set, Eddie looks plain uncomfortable. It's either his love for LeAnn or he's holding back an urge to bounce on some fresh Bunny meat.

Because, you know, there are some small-role bunnies—all extremely toned and banging—who will and have made appearances, and we're sure LeAnn is sizing them up to make sure she's got her size way down.

This wouldn't be the first time other women have motivated LeAnn to drop a few pounds. Remember when Eddie's ex-wife, Brandi Glanville, was convinced his new lady thought she needed to get frail because Brandi was known for being bony and big-boobed. LeAnn's copycat fake boobs speak for themselves. 

Come on, woman, Eddie left his stick-skinny wife for you back when you had some fleshy parts to you. Get back to that before he finds something more human.