Denise Richards

Looks like we hit a nerve with Denise Richards. After seeing our story about her staying quiet while her ex Charlie Sheen blabs on about her, the actress immediately tweeted back:

"@theawfultruth 4 the record child support is just that. Its not ‘hush' money, I get it if I open my mouth or not. I am not paid to be quiet!"

Come on, Denise, we were just noticing that you have been uncharacteristically quiet lately, and we are curious your thoughts on Charlie's so-called Truths! And hey, we even complimented your totally rockin' bikini bod!

But Denise isn't the only Sheen baby mama staying mum...

Considering how violent Brooke Mueller says Charlie has been with her in the past, the babe has kept it pretty low-pro. In fact, we are dying to hear Brooke's side of things. (Yours, too, Denise!)

We are starting a campaign right now: Brooke Mueller for Dancing With the Stars! How brilliant would that be?

Hopefully, Brooke's upcoming new Oxygen reality show will let us get to know her (and those adorable tots) a little better. Our TiVo is set.

But in the meantime, while both of Sheen's exes are giving us the silent treatment (save that delicious Richards tweet), Charlie continues to blah blah blah to sold-out crowds all over the friggin' country.

Shouldn't there really be a Ex Torpedoes of Truth tour from the guy's exes? Just sayin. Think about it, Denise and Brooke.

Regardless, no matter what their current mindsets are at the moment, we do have to admit we admire the gals' fairly classy and quiet stances for the moment.

Charlie is digging his own grave just fine without any new material from his them!

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