Lady Gaga attracts all kinds of monsters, apparently even those of the religious fundamentalist variety.

In Gagavision No. 41, her latest YouTube video diary post, Mama Monster recounted a confrontation she had with a Christian fundamentalist protester recently who attended one of her concerts holding up a sign saying, "Trust in God or end in Hell!"

So did she keep her poker face?

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"Hi, I'm Lady Gaga," Gaga greeted him warmly as she approached (the confrontation starts in the video around 2:32).

"So?" the man replied coarsely, which prompted a laugh from the singer.

"That's gonna happen one day, darlin'," he interrupted, trying to act nonplussed.

"Well, they better open up the gate," the singer quipped, referring to the gates of St. Peter, i.e., Heaven.

To her credit, Gaga reached out to hear what the picketer had to say, which as it turns out wasn't much other than ignorance.

"I'm listening," she told him. "You know we really believe in God at my show."

Predictably, the protester scoffed at her attempt at mutual understanding, revealing his true (anti-rainbow) colors.

"Yeah, well, your pervert ways don't really equate to what God is doing," he said

"My pervert ways?" Gaga asked.

"Yeah, you know, the homo stuff," he responded brilliantly, apparently taking his cues from the Phelps family playbook.

An outspoken activist of gay rights, Gaga didn't take the bigotry lying down. She pointed out, in fact, that she was raised in a Catholic school, not that it mattered to Mr. Peace, Love and Understanding. 

Later on in the video, the "Born This Way" crooner reflected on her encounter and a memento the guy gave her: a "Get out of Hell Free" card.

Admitted Lady Gaga: "It just makes me sad that my fans have to see that, but I know that's just part of what I'm supposed to do."

No doubt, her crusade for gay rights continues.

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