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Dear Joan:
First off, I love your style! And I really look up to your opinion about fashion. (Your comments on them are great, too.) I'm going to school to become a fashion consultant, and if you could give me some advice that would be awesome. I feel like no matter how I see things/put them together, it's not gonna be good enough—or what everyone wants.

Dear Style Student:
Good for you. Study hard and project confidence. If you believe in yourself and your skills, others will too. There are going to be some people you can't please. (As unlikely as this sounds, not everyone loves me, either.) But you still walk in like you own the room and your attitude will rub off on those around you. Good luck!

Dear Joan:
Is the green necklace you wore on the March 25 show from your collection? If so, how can I order it? If not, who makes it?

Dear Bling Babe:
The piece isn't one of mine, but it is great, isn't it? The necklace I wore that night was from one of my regulars, Charles Albert. 

Dear Joan:
We're huge fans here. Loved your documentary, BTW—you were robbed of awards recognition! I need your help. I'm wondering what sort of tops to pair with my new flare Vince jeans. I don't want to go all-out '70s, but want to be fresh and cool—sort of a modern take.

Dear Fashion Flare:
Thanks for your support. The flares sound great and so current, but I agree, you don't want to overdose on ‘70s style.  Look for tops with more modern cuts and prints—even layered T-shirts or an embellished tank under a fitted blazer—and stay away from anything boho chic that would look too costumey. 

Dear Joan:
I'm a 17-year-old senior in high school and I'm obsessed with heels, but I don't know what would be appropriate for me to wear to school and when I go out. Should I go with wedges, or platforms, 1½ inch or 3 inch? And how do I keep it looking young and chic, because I've been mistaken for a substitute teacher three times already!

Dear High School Sweetheart:
Stick with the shorter heels at school and keep your clothes age appropriate by shopping for funky pieces at teen shops like Forever 21, H&M or American Eagle Outfitters. You have the rest of your life to look like a grownup. And then you'll wish people were mistaking you for a high school student. (Guilty as charged!)

Dear Joan:
I saw this girl walking her dog while wearing matching outfits. What do you think? P.S. I think you are one of the funniest ladies to walk this Earth.
—Hayley Rose

Dear Dog Watcher:
You know I love my little angels, so as long as the girl and her dog were well dressed, I'm not opposed to matching outfits.

Dear Joan:
Who does those stunning flower arrangements on the Fashion Police set? I'm a special event planner and would love to know who's responsible. I've been lovin' your stand-up since the 1980s and watched your documentary twice.  BIG FAN here. Keep doing what your doing! Love Ya.
—Carol Kawell

Dear Flower Fan:
Will do, thank you so much. And we get the gorgeous arrangements from Sean McGowan at here in Los Angeles.

Dear Joan:
I'm pregnant and I'm trying not to look like a total fatass. I'm short and have a very large chest. Any tips for achieving stylish results while accommodating a growing belly?

Dear Preggers Princess:
Mazel tov! There are so many great options for pregnant woman these days, especially with the weather getting better. Try a cute baby-doll dress with kitten heels for fancier occasions or a casual maxidress with Empire waistline to show off those gorgeous boobs.

Dear Joan:
I can't find the best shirt to go with my black latex leggings. I've tried white, black and even purple shirts and blouses, but none has worked. I don't know if it's the shirt design? I really need your help. Can you please help me and give me some tips how to wear them and what shirt/blouse will be appropriate for me to look great?
—Honduras Fan

Dear Leggy Lady:
Go ahead and have fun with your leggings by mixing it up a little. Balance your silhouette with a tunic style top to keep from looking like you're wearing a catsuit. And since your leggings are latex, you could also try a top with a different texture, like a wool sweater or cotton T-shirt. By going with the unexpected, you'll make the leggings look edgy and not like they came from an ‘80s costume shop.

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