Katerina Graham, The Vampire Diaries

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OK, Vampire Diaries fans, it's that time again. No, not the epic fight over which Salvatore brother is hotter, although we can argue about that later. It's that time of year when we speculate who will be six feet under or staked before the summer break.

Vampire Diaries knows how to give good cliffhanger, so to prep ourselves for the series' heart-pumping return tonight, we got all the deadly scoop from Mystic Falls' resident witch, Kat Graham. Deaths aplenty and a terrifying age-old vampire are just around the corner, but will Bonnie make the ultimate sacrifice to save BFF Elena's life?

Kat tells us that the first episode back, we waste no time in jumping right into the drama: "Bonnie has been given the secret of how to kill Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and that's her journey, taking him on and protecting Elena (Nina Dobrev)." And just how far is Bonnie willing to go to save her best friend? Graham says, "She is facing life and death responsibilities, so it's going to be up to her love for Elena and how much she is really willing to sacrifice for her and what she's not."

Klaus' imminent arrival to Mystic Falls has everyone on edge, including all the elements necessary for the big sacrifice: "Klaus is after Elena to sacrifice her, to kill her on an altar," says Kat. "[And] they need a witch. So besides the fact that killing Klaus—or if she even tries to, he might take her down, there's also the fact that he needs a witch for the sacrifice anyway." So it would probably be best to stay under the radar and far away from Klaus, right? Graham reveals their meeting, while not tonight, is very soon. "In this new episode Bonnie does not meet him, but she will meet him before the finale. I will say that. He is definitely making an entrance." We couldn't possibly believe that anyone could make a more head-turning entrance than Elijah (Daniel Gillies) or Katherine, but Graham assures us: "Oh, you have no idea. You have no idea. It's going to freak everyone out. It's the last thing you'd expect."

Katerina Graham, Steven R. McQueen, Vampire Diaries

Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW

In Mystic Falls, it's not all wooden stakes and blood sacrifices. There's also good old-fashioned teen romance as well. Graham couldn't tell us much about the blossoming Bonnie-Jeremy romance, but she did offer that "you'll see the relationship she has with Jeremy really solidify and you start to really see them growing as partners. They'll also go through issues, but you really get to see their growth."

The fun (and terrifying) thing about The Vampire Diaries is that no one is ever safe. In the past we've seen fan favorites unapologetically vanquished, and now there are rumors running rampant of series regular deaths. Graham admits that even Bonnie isn't out of danger: "I don't feel safe about myself or anyone. Unfortunately, we were told from the beginning that many people will go. I'm no exception." Dun-dun-dun.

We're not sure we love that ominous answer and it certainly didn't put us at ease, but maybe the addition of a new witch in Mystic Falls will help fight evil and keep Bonnie living to see another day (and another season). "Lisa Tucker, who plays Greta, Jonas' daughter, is coming to town, which is really exciting. Another witch on the scene! I'm always for more witches. The more witches the better," Graham tells us.

So fans are you excited for The Vampire Diaries' return? Do you like the looks of Klaus? Who do you think is biting the dust in the final episodes of season two?

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