Natalie Portman Dishes on the Black Swan Ballet Battle!

The Oscar winner finally responds to the controversy

By Ted Casablanca, Alyssa Toomey Apr 06, 2011 10:17 PMTags

Sarah Lane, the controversial dancing double in Black Swan, certainly has not been too shy to share her opinion on the Oscar scandal. 

In fact, as some suggest Natalie shouldn't have won the Oscar for her psychological role, Fox Searchlight, Benjamin Millepied and Mila Kunis have all taken to the star's defense

The only person we haven't heard from? Portman, herself.  

But even when you're pregnant, you can't stay tight-lipped forever...

So what's N.P.'s take on the dancing double?

"I had a chance to make something beautiful with this film and I don't want to give in to the gossip," dishes the very pregnant Portman. 

What a wonderful response to completely avoid the controversy, Nat! But even still, it's not hard to infer how Portman feels—calling it "gossip" and leaving Sarah out the picture? Safe to say Natalie may be a bit put out over the negative press. 

As for forgetting to thank Sarah in her Oscar speech? Well, Natalie is so beyond that controversy as well: "I don't remember my Oscar speech at all, and I'm actually too embarrassed to watch it."

Can't blame the gal for wanting to move on. After all, this has always been much more of a studio controversy, but we're still itching for Natalie's take on Sarah's role as an "extra."

So while N.P. talked about it by not really talking about it, she still could not contain her excitement about one topic: her baby on the way:

"I have to admit, it's really fun being able to take it easy and not worry about food. At the same time you have to be healthy because there is a person inside me. I do love ice cream and desserts though!"

Glad to hear it, Nat, especially after the 20-pound slimdown for Black Swan. You deserve a break from all your work and need some time to kick back!

As for the other half of this ballet battle? Sarah insists in her most recent essay that she "is not trying to instigate conflict," but she continues to defend ballet and her original stance—the unrealistic portrayal that someone can transform into a ballerina in only a year.

While Sarah still seems heated, Portman is so skirting this scandal and has put all her attention on her baby and the April 8 release of her new movie, Your Highness.

A fittingly royal move.