Lady Gaga Hatching More Plans for Her Egg

Get the scoop on where her famous Grammy contraption may be making an appearance next

By Marc Malkin Apr 08, 2011 12:00 PMTags
Lady Gaga, Laurieann GibsonKevin Winter/Getty Images; Dana Rose/E! Networks

Where in the world is Lady Gaga's egg vessel?

In storage.

But it sounds like she may be ready to show off the famous Grammy contraption once again.

How so? Read on for the scoop...

Gaga's creative director Laurieann Gibson filled us in.

"The vessel's actually stored, and I'm sure it'll come out again," Gibson said while promoting her new E! reality show, The Dance Scene (premiering on Sunday). "I think it's such a beautiful piece that I would like to bring it out again for a moment. I think we're getting ready to do a lot of television in May, right before the album drops, so I think we'll use in somewhere in there."

The Dance Scene follows Gibson as she choreographs a number of productions, including a Katy Perry performance at a USO event and a Keri Hilson music video.

We got a sneak peek, and we can assure you that Gibson is one heck of a taskmaster perfectionist.

Just ask Lady Gaga.

"There was one time during the 'Love Games' video, [Gaga] had on Louboutins for the first time and we're dancing on cement," she said. "Her toes were knocking against the shoes because my choreography is very challenging. But she kept dancing and her feet were bleeding."


"It was almost the last couple of shots, and she limps over to me and she says, 'Oh, my feet are hurting me,'" Gibson continued. "And I said, 'You told me you wanted to a superstar...You dance till they say cut.'"

No pain, no gain.