Charlie Sheen, Goddess

The next time you quote the wit and wisdom of Charlie Sheen, you might need to stick "™" next to it.

It's theoretically possible now that a company has filed applications to trademark 22 phrases spouted by Sheen over the last couple of months, his rep confirms to E! News.

Sorry, Adonis. Your DNA could belong to Charlie now...

A California company called Hyro-gliff, which formed last month in the wake of Sheen's odd metamorphosis and lists the address of the offices of Sheen's attorney, Martin Singer, as its mailing info, is hoping to get its hands on, to name a bunch, "Adonis DNA," "Tiger Blood," "Defeat Is Not an Option," "Violent Torpedo of Truth," "Sober Valley Lodge," "Sheen's Goddesses, and "Duh, Winning."

The paperwork was filed in batches between March 19 and March 22.

Sheen, who got in the merchandise business with event promoter Live Nation immediately after being fired from Two and a Half Men, has already had his various mantras and ad hoc catch-phrases printed on mugs, T-shirts and other ephemera—a fact that could give him a legal leg up when Hyro-gliff's applications are considered.

In fact, Sheen's Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option (two potential trademarks in one!) tour invades Cleveland tonight.

But good luck getting "Tiger Blood." Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville empire, along with 12 others, has been trying to snatch that one up as a beverage name.

Hyro-gliff also wants "Vatican Assassin," but it may need to get past Dan Brown first.

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