16 and Pregnant Strikes Again—Literally—With Another Amber Portwood-Style Beatdown

Violence erupts on another season of MTV's series documenting the plight of young moms

By Drusilla Moorhouse Apr 06, 2011 12:00 AMTags

If MTV's 16 and Pregnant is anything to go by, high schools might want to expand their curriculums to include anger management classes. (Because you know those sex ed programs are working so well!)

In the preview for its teen parenting documentary series (premiering April 19), another young mom delivers an Amber Portwood-style beatdown on her baby daddy—but this time someone called the cops.

MTV caught flak last year for failing to report Portwood's attack (while cameras rolled) on boyfriend Gary Shirley and for glorifying teen pregnancy, which the network vehemently denies. (Because reality-TV fame is the last thing teens want!)

This season, it is the baby daddy who is led away in handcuffs, while young mom (of twins!) Jennifer del Rio screams, "Say goodbye to your kids, Josh, because you will never see them again!"

Other members of MTV's Teen Mom Fight Club include Jenelle Evans (who, in addition to her recent brawl, was filmed violently shoving her mom on this season's Teen Mom), Markhai Durham and James Worsham (the couple's physical aggression warranted a stern lecture from Dr. Drew Pinsky) and Farrah Abraham, whose mom Debra Danielson cut a deal in a domestic assault case after allegedly choking Farrah.

Looks like MTV will have to slot extra time this season for its domestic violence PSAs. But is anyone paying attention?

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