Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer, Two and a Half Men


Why is Jon Cryer being so quiet about all this Charlie Sheen madness?
—Little John, via Twitter

Charlie Sheen's Two and a Half Men costar Jon Cryer declined to comment when I approached his publicist about his silence. He would prefer that his secrecy remain secret.

But when we asked if Jon had seats for Sheen's Friday night "show" in NYC about torpedoes and violence, the rep quipped: "No. Jon is in town performing in Stephen Sondheim's Company with the New York Philharmonic."

Fancy! That said:

Cryer has made some comments about Sheen.

Shortly after his former costar labeled him a "troll," Cryer told Conan O'Brien: "The fact is, I am a troll," he quipped while standing on the Conan stage as if doing a monologue. "It's not something I like to talk about. My parents don't even know I'm a troll. Of course I guess they do now...The truth is that there's not a lot of tolerance for people like me, especially in Hollywood. To avoid ignorance and bullying, I've had to hide the fact that I'm a troll."

Beyond that, Cryer has remained largely mum. As for why, I can tell you that Cryer likely isn't being gagged by his bosses.

"There generally would not be any legal confidentiality imposed about commenting on things like this in the press," says Miles Feldman, a partner at the entertainment litigation firm Raines Feldman LLP in Beverly Hills. "I think it's more of a political issue than a legal issue."

In other words, if Cryer is lying low, it's probably more about respect for his workmates—or just avoiding on-set tension—than any gag clause in his contract.

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