Annette Bening, The Kids Are All Right

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Love to say we told you so.

With all the ballerina drama that attempted to steal Natalie Portman's golden Oscar shine, we left it up to those of you not in the Academy to decide who really should have won Best Actress last February.

And it was a pleasant surprise that Annette Bening beat out mama-to-be Portman by a 12-percent margin. Credit due, credit given—love it. But a way more shocking result was:

Nicole Kidman coming in dead last.

Actually semi-sad since the actress was brilliant in Rabbit Hole! Must have been off-camera stunts that had you all nix her pseudo-Oscar?

Either way, back to the essence of well-rounded, true brilliance, we'd just like to say we knew you all secretly agreed with us that Annette's portrayal in a heart-wrenching family situation in The Kids Are All Right was just as moving, if not moreso, than Natalie's borderline-misogynistic and psychotic transformation into a suicidal black swan—all techno-slapped onto an actual ballerina's dancing moves.

Let's just say Annette didn't need any special effects.

One thing we told you we really didn't think was all right was the fact that Prince William will not be wearing a wedding band after he weds commoner Kate Middleton April 29 in Westminster Abbey.

Again, most of you agreed with us, 65 percent vouching that your man (hot or not) must be wearing some evidentiary jewelry since caring around an actual ball-and-chain would be a little much.

Still, it's not like the whole world won't know Wills' is tied down to Kate, but it's the principle of it all. Especially since those royals are pushing for Kate to cut her trademark, beautiful hair.

If he's losing the ring, Kate gets to keep the hair. Deal or no deal?

While that snip of a situation is being weighed out before the nuptials, we're more interested in the casting potentials for Haymitch in The Hunger Games now that Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson have been dubbed Gale and Peeta. So, will it be Robert Downey Jr. or Hugh Laurie?

No-brainer there. RDJ came in first with almost 40 percent of your votes, while Laurie trailed behind with 30 percent support. Poor Brad Pitt didn't stand a chance with 5 percent—even losing to Gerard Butler. Shame.

We're still rooting for him, though. Playing bitch-daddy to Angelina Jolie has really got him looking like a scruffy, old wise man. But we'll give it to you; RDJ could probably trump everyone with that smirk of his alone.

Plus, maybe if he lands Haymitch he and good pal Mel Gibson can grab another power lunch at In-N-Out burger to celebrate?

It's too bad we didn't include Mel in the casting Haymitch poll since a whooping 65 percent of you would support a crazytown comeback from the actor. You think he could give RDJ some friendly competition?

I mean, we aren't ones to stir up a BFF war over a measly casting call!

Good thing, too, because we are sure RDJ is proud of you all for having Mel's back, unlike Zach Galifianakis. It's only fair Mel gets some kind of a second chance. If Charlie Sheen can go on tour with his kookfest, Gibson should have a movie career comeback, suppose.

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