William & Kate's Royal Wedding

We don't know about you, but we've given up on trying to suss out any clues as to what wedding dress Kate Middleton has chosen to wear. Incidentally, we've also given up on trying to book last minute tickets to London for April 29 without first having to promise British Airways our firstborn child (damn those peak weekend conversion rates!).

But it's Google to the rescue, as they've given us the next best thing to being there (well, second next best thing to being there—our livestream of the festivities, of course, being the first) as they've released a virtual 3-D tour of the royal wedding route.

No matter.

Console yourself with a hot cuppa tea and this handy-dandy royals' eye view of the procession, which allows us to see what Prince William and Kate will see (minus a few million crying fans with flowers lining the streets) as they travel via horse-drawn open carriage—for the first time, as husband and wife—from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace.

Anyone else feel like getting fitted for a glass slipper?

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