Mötley Crüe's Vince Neil Charged With Battery

Mötley Crüe man's problems with an ex-lady love has landed him a domestic violence rap

By Josh Grossberg Apr 05, 2011 6:36 PMTags
Vince Neil, Mug ShotClark County Detention Center

Is Vince Neil really public enemy number one?

A month and a half since he was released from jail, the Mötley Crüe singer has wound up on the wrong side of the law again. This time charged with battery domestic violence and disorderly conduct stemming from a run-in he had last month with an ex-gal pal.

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A spokesperson for the Las Vegas PD confirmed two misdemeanor charges were filed against the 50-year-old Neil last Friday for allegedly roughing up 44-year-old Alicia Jacobs on Mar. 24 at the Las Vegas Hilton two weeks after the pair broke up.

"We did submit our reports to the D.A.'s office last week and it's up to them to bring the charges," said Officer Laura Meltzer told E! News.

According to police, the rocker barged into the Shimmer Cabaret Theater and confronted Jacobs and two of her friends as they were watching a Hal Sparks performance. Apparently upset she was seeing the show with a guy, Neil hurled obscenities at 45-year-old Sun columnist and editor, John Katsilometes, whom Jacobs told E! was a platonic friend, along with the other member of the party, Patricia McCrone. Vince then allegedly got physical, jabbing his finger into each of one of them.

Security called 911, but Neil left the venue before the police arrived. After conducting a follow-up investigation and interviewing witnesses including Neil, investigators decided they had enough evidence, including a bruise on Jacobs' right shoulder blade, to file charges.

Per court documents filed last week in Clark County, Nevada, Sin City's Finest say Neil broke the law by "forcing his way" into the theater and then "poked three people with his right index finger. . .each time stating the words, 'f—k you."

Neil has subsequently received a summons to appear in Las Vegas Justice Court on May 2 to answer to the battery and disorderly conduct charges.

Considering he just finished in late February a 10-day sentence for a misdemeanor DUI resulting from a drunk driving episode last June, the Crüe vet has lucked out.

A spokesperson for the Clark County Nevada District Attorney's Office tells E! News that Neil was not put on probation for the motoring mishap. Instead, he was ordered to the slammer, spent an additional two weeks under house arrest, attended DUI school and had to pay a fine. Consequently, he's not in violation of anything since that prior case was resolved, though he does have a status check set for April 26.

"There is not formal probation given for a misdemeanor," noted the spokesperson.

His attorney, David Chesnoff, told E! News that Neil is "looking forward to going to court and defending himself vigorously and that he is not guilty of the charges."

—Additional reporting by Ashley Fultz