Brooke Mueller Gets a Job, Sheen Twins Shuttle Between Parents

Source reveals Charlie Sheen's ex new job and kids back to seeing their dad

By Ted Casablanca, Aly Weisman Apr 04, 2011 6:45 PMTags
Brooke Mueller, Bob Sheen, Max

While her ex Charlie Sheen is taking his Torpedo of Truth act on the road, Brooke Mueller is also heading back to work!

Not that she's hurting for money, but Mueller does need something to keep her busy and on-the-wagon.

So with both parents back to work, will the Sheen twins be left in the care of Charlie's goddesses?

Sounds like one interesting upbringing!

Sources tell Team Truth that Mueller has officially signed on as Extra's on-camera celebrity correspondent and begins her new part-time job next week.

"She was working for Extra before she even met Charlie," a source tells us. "They asked her to come back and at first she said no, but then decided it could be fun. She will be doing on-location celebrity interviews about once a week while the kids are napping."

Mueller has even lined up her first celebrity interview: Kathy Hilton. Fitting, since Brooke will be costarring with Kathy's daughter Paris Hilton on an upcoming reality show for Oxygen.

But Mueller has more interview practice other than her old friend Kathy. The source tells us that B. has previously interviewed Charlize Theron, Josh Duhamel, Gavin Rossdale, among many other high profile names

History tells us Brooke has a thing for men in the spotlight, so perhaps she'll nab a hot new hubby out of the deal?!

With Papa Sheen on the road and Mama Mueller getting ready to hold that Extra microphone, the custody arrangement will become very important.

"The twins were with Charlie last Saturday, and Brooke was fine with it because her nanny of two years was present the entire time," a source tells us exclusively. "The goddesses are not even allowed to hold the children."

As for that custody info released over the weekend: "Charlie's team leaked the information," the source tells us.

And no, the two-year-olds will not be accompanying their pops on his cross-country Truth tour.

We know how this former couple like to fight, so here's to hoping the custody arrangement works out! And that is the Truth.