Stephen Colbert Makes Rebecca Black's "Friday" Amazing for Jimmy Fallon

Keeping his promise after Fallon fans raised major dough for charity, the Colbert Report host sang the viral phenomenon with the Roots

By Natalie Finn Apr 02, 2011 5:00 AMTags

TGIF, indeed!

Jimmy Fallon's BFFSM (best friend for six months), Stephen Colbert, kept up his end of the charity-benefiting bargain tonight by showing up on Late Night to join the Roots Crew in covering Rebecca Black's "Friday."

Which, whether you liked it before or not, was made infinitely more enjoyable by the tuxedoed Colbert.

Here's how this delightful idea came about...

Colbert went ahead last week and pledged $26,000 to on Fallon's behalf.

Well, Fallon admitted a few days ago that he didn't have the money, all of his dough being invested in Justin Bieber wigs and whatnot. But promised that if his fans—the "12:37 time sluts" and other "Fallonites—donated $26,000 by Friday, Colbert would visit the Late Show to perform the viral YouTube hit "Friday" in person.

The Fallonites went above and beyond, doubling the original intended amount, and NBC Universal kicked in another $26,000.

Hence the tuxedo. Enjoy.

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