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Lauren Conrad has a message for her Los Angeles neighbors who have complained about the traffic and noise she attracts to their quiet tree-lined streets: She's moving.

OK, the movers aren't coming tomorrow, but The Hills star tells me she's already thinking about selling her house. "We’re going to have to move after we're done filming," Conrad says.

Why exactly? Read on to find out...

Because the house is so accessible from the street, it's become an attraction for paparazzi and tour buses.

"You can hear the tour guides like, 'Just yesterday, we saw Lauren Conrad pulling into her driveway and she stopped to get the mail,' " Conrad says with a laugh.

"And Lo [Lauren Bosworth] was walking down the street one day and they were like, 'Here on the left we have a celebrity dog walker walking Chloe.' They knew my dog's name and Lo was like, 'They just called me a celebrity dog walker!' "

Conrad reveals she's likely to head back to her Laguna Beach roots. "I would love to return to Orange County," she says. "L.A. is a really young city and it's great for now, but eventually I'm going to want to settle down a little bit."

But this 22-year-old beauty (her skin really is flawless) is not ready to pack it in anytime soon.

She's currently, of course, promoting the heck out of Monday's season-four premiere of The Hills. She's busy designing summer '09 for her Lauren Conrad Collection fashion line. Then there are the ideas she's whipping up for two dresses to be worn on Emmy night by the award show's trophy women.

Conrad has also been thinking about starting a men's line with her 16-year-old skater/surfer dude brother. "He's got this really cool style, and I'm always bugging him that we should do a guys' line together," Conrad says. "It would be more his thing, but I would help him with it."

One thing Conrad says she won't be helping with is Barack Obama or John McCain's bids for the White House. Unlike Heidi Montag's very public support for McCain, Conrad explains, "I believe in a private ballot. I don't want to ever influence someone's vote or have my vote change someone's opinion of me."

They only way she'd possibly hit the campaign trail would be through—what else?—fashion. Asked which potential first lady she'd rather dress, Conrad says, "Probably Obama's wife. I just think she's beautiful."

So what's coming up in the new season of The Hills?

Drama! Lots and lots of drama!

I'll have that and a whole bunch more tomorrow. Make sure to come back for part two of my one-on-one with L.C.

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