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Grey's Anatomy has taken us on some wild rides before (remember when Izzie's brain tumors made her have sex with dead Denny?), but the episode, "Song Beneath the Song," might be the most extreme outing of the show to date, as a near-death experience opened the door to doctors breaking out in song at Seattle Grace Mercy Death. So can Callie (Sara Ramirez) and her baby survive a musical?

Strap on your seatbelts, suspend your disbelief and find out what went down on the big musical extravaganza Grey's Anatomy: The Music Event.


Welcome to the Other Side: We were going to make an off-color joke about diving headfirst into this episode—but that would be in poor taste, right? As good TV addicts we watch a lot of bloody CSI-type shows, but nothing could prepare us for the bone-chilling image of poor Callie lying bloodied and broken on the hood of the car. Yikes. Honestly, we could have gone our whole lives without seeing that.

Chills, They're Multiplyin'~ There is usually a lump of ice and cynicism where our heart should be, but we'll admit we got chills when Lexie (Chyler Leigh) sang "Breathe". There's been a lot of talk about Sara Ramirez's awesome pipes, something about a Tony, but we are going to give tonight's rookie award to Chyler Leigh. She can sing and while her best notes may have been the backdrop to a melodramatic search for Mark Sloan (Eric Dane), it was sweet and awww, Lexie doesn't hate him. There's your hope, Mark-Lexie shippers. Hold on to it, because even though this episode is all Callie-trauma-focused, coupledom dramz doesn't get left behind.

Callie Versus Baby: We understand that Mark and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) are stressed and under a lot of pressure but their fighting was truly awful. Fighting over saving the baby or Callie? Mark saying that he and Callie can hook up later? All while Callie lies unconscious in the other room?! We like to believe that that argument was in the deep bleeding broken recesses of Callie's mind because at that point we would have been happy to toss both Arizona and Mark off a cliff and save Callie and the baby instead.

Floating Cloud Roadtrip Redux: Need a break from all the tears and stress? Good. So did Callie so of course she imagines an intermission where all her coworkers got in on, in grand Grey's Anatomy fashion. Kinky Callie, kinky. That whole interlude was really bizarre. Let's stop talking about it.

O Cruel World: When it comes to babies, Meredith has been seeing jealous green, not pink or blue. We think maybe Meredith should lay low and not tempt fate. We mean really, does she know what show's on? P.S. Did anyone else think that when Derek (Patrick Dempsey) they would have a baby that he might steal one? Our brains might have crossed over to super-dramatic mode somewhere during this episode. Still, we get the vibe that Mer-Der might become parents through some other means than pregnancy. We see an adoption storyline coming.

Gross Fake Babies: Sorry. Spoiler Alert: Gross fake babies. We can take branch hands and a two-by-four in the skull like it's nothing, but gross fake babies creep us out. It's one of our continuing problems with Grey's Anatomy, they freak us out with their tiny gross fake baby hands and rubbery skin. We guess you can't find good one-pound premature baby actors in this town. Huh. Anyway, welcome to the world, Baby Torres-Robbins-Sloan! Your daddy and mommies love you. And hopefully Mark and Arizona have finally buried the hatchet and not in one another.

Sara Ramirez is a Pretty Good Singer: Ha. That was our understatement for the night. We admit it we cried through the final minutes of the episode while Sara Ramirez belted out "The Story" and the song might be already downloading from iTunes. But the real tears came when Callie woke up and said "Yes" to Arizona's pre-accident proposal. There's nothing like a baby and a life threatening accident to bring a couple together.


Cardio Catfight:  Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Owen (Kevin McKidd) might not be arguing about future babies, the big Chief Resident decision looming and Cristina and Teddy on the outs it'll likely put Owen in the middle of a cardiac catfight.

Torn Between Two Lovers: While the musical may have revealed Lexie's often present feelings for Mark, she still went home with Dr. Pretty Eyes Avery; if you haven't read it yet, we spoke to Chyler Leigh about the upcoming Lexie-Mark-Jackson triangle drama in the episodes to come.

And Baby Makes Four: Judging from the next episode promo, one pound Baby Torres-Robbins-Sloan is not out of danger yet. Come on, wee micropreemie. You can do it!

We've been talking about the Grey's Anatomy: The Music Event for months now, so did it live up to you expectations, or are you going straight over to DVR DOA to file a complaint? Did the music heighten the emotion, or just distract from what could have been a pretty respectable medical story? Hit the comments to rant or rave!

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