Annette Bening

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We've said it before and we'll say it again: We thought Annette Bening and her killer performance in The Kids Are All Right should have taken home the Oscar for Best Actress this year. 

Portman, with her pregnancy and romance, easily became the fan favorite on Oscar night, stealing the spotlight, but also snubbing Annette (who's been snubbed so many times before). 

So with all the negative Black Swan controversy and the allegedly not all-that-honest Oscar campaign, are we the only one's having second thoughts?

Let's hope not.

Because all of the recent questions regarding the Black Swan Oscar scandal are making us feel a bit misled as to how much work Natalie really did. 

No doubt, her acting was phenom, but we thought (and so did a lot of you) that she miraculously transformed herself into a ballerina for the role; something we now know isn't entirely true

Natalie aside, there were four amazing other contenders up for the award.  And although Annette's our personal fave, we're still itching to know what you Awful readers think.

So, now that all the dirty little secrets are out, we decided to hold the Oscar ceremony all over again! Who do you think was the rightful winner?

Awful's Alternative Oscar Poll
And the (Round 2) Oscar goes to...
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