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Only one more week until new episodes of Nikita! To keep you fans from dying of Division withdrawal between now and then, we've brought spoilers, straight from Nikita boss Craig Silverstein himself!

When are Michael and Nikita finally getting together? When do we see Owen next? And which of Amanda's secrets shakes up Alex's world?

Q&A With Nikita Show Runner Craig Silverstein

Are you guys done with production for the season?
Not quite but almost. We're shooting the finale.

Looking back on the season, what would you say is Nikita's biggest emotional and strategic arc?
Her arc, which was presented as a story of revenge, is more of a story of redemption. And two people, Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) and Michael (Shane West), are really key to that redemption. Alex is somebody who was a victim of Division's mission in the past, and she sought to help this girl and that's turned into working with her, which is something she didn't really intend. And in Michael she sees some good and would love to redeem him as well.

Did you know Maggie as Nikita and Shane as Michael had such great chemistry? Did the fan reaction to their relationship change the show you thought you were going to write?
We always knew that their relationship was going to be key, and it didn't change the plan that much. It may have moved certain story lines up a little bit, so things are happening a little sooner but we are able to make it work.

Are they able to make it work?
It's a little hard. They will make it work for a second and then there is the next second.

Could you compare their relationship to the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith? Are they a spy couple who are able to engage in a stable long-term relationship or will they only ever be able to indulge in a few brief stolen moments?
God willing, that world is called season two.

Speaking of season two, what have you heard and how are you feeling about it?
I am feeling good. We're making plans for it. We don't have any official word. I am not sure that any show on the network does officially. But I am very hopeful.

What are the next couple of episodes about?
One of Nikita's plot-oriented goals to take Percy down is to first take out his black boxes—his horcruxes—and she starts to knock those down and she starts to ramp up that goal in these last six episodes.

As this "chess board" is being rearranged, what does that mean for Alex and Amanda, Melinda Clarke's character? What is their story progression?
There is actually a really interesting bond between Alex and Amanda that is very unexpected that is going to evolve. And that is one of the things that is going to shake things up, with great consequences for Alex. Right now, Alex is seeking to get out of the whole situation.

Michael has a lot of layers, are there any more levels in his past that we haven't seen yet?
Yes. When we come back on April 7, we will see why he wasn't able to make it work with Nikita when they were both working at Division, and we will get another reveal about his past that kind of ripples through and changes his presence.

What's your approach to season finales as a show runner? Do you like them wrapped up in a bow or do you prefer cliffhangers?
I don't have an overall rule. I know that you shouldn't do a cliffhanger unless you have some pretty good idea that you're going to be back, because otherwise you might make people upset. I also think that ending a season with a lot of setup is a bit of a drag, so what we are doing is not the kind of cliffhanger where literally someone is hanging off a cliff, but it is a paradigm shift. Things are not wrapped up in a bow, but there is no ticking bomb.

What scene or storyline is coming up that you guys are you most proud of?
Definitely the scene that opens episode 18, with the return of Owen (Devon Sawa). Owen walks in on Nikita in a compromising position. It's really good, I think the fans are going to love that scene. 

Who's excited? What do you most want to see happen in the finale eps of Nikita this season? Hit the comments!

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