Think New Wonder Woman Is Bad? Get a Load of the Five Worst TV Superhero Costumes of All Time

Despite outcry over Adrianne Palicki's retooled get-up, she isn't close to some of these disasters

By Joal Ryan Mar 31, 2011 8:15 PMTags
Adrianne Palicki, Wonder WomanJustin Lubin/NBC

The reviews are in! The tweaked, toned-down and rebooted ("literally") Wonder Woman costume is "improved," "totally works" and--hey!--makes our lady of the Amazon "look like a woman and not a porn star."

Whew! It looks like Adrianne Palicki's get-up, coming to NBC this fall, will be just good enough (or not bad enough) to avoid joining our TV superhero costume hall of shame:

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1. Green Lantern's "Thriller" Look (from Justice League of America): Everything that Ryan Reynolds' upcoming GL flick appears to have gotten sartorially right, this failed 1997 pilot got wrong, starting with the choice to go with the character's jacket-pants combo over the far cooler body suit. It's not even a well-done jacket-pants combo; it's poorly done Michael Jackson.

2. Bart Allen's Hoodie (from Smallville): Smallville is cool. It doesn't do tights, and it doesn't do cowls. But when one of your characters is the future Kid Flash, it doesn't make sense to have the dude zoom around in a jacket that's anything but aerodynamic. Can you imagine the wind drag on that thing?

3. M.A.N.T.I.S.' Bug-Man Look (from M.A.N.T.I.S.): This 1990s series gets props for featuring an original character not previously test-marketed in comic books. It gets even more props for breaking the prime-time superhero color line. But, sorry, it does not get props for its Terminix mask.

4. Captain Planet's Annoying Didacticism (from Captain Planet): He's green, like his hair—get it? He honors the aqua-blue ocean, right down to the color of his skin and/or body suit—get it? YES! WE GET IT! Yeesh… Next time you want to send a message, Cap, make a documentary like Al Gore, who, oh, by the way, DOESN'T HAVE GREEN HAIR!

5. Wonder Woman's Evel Knievel Phase (from Wonder Woman): If you didn't know a certain star-spangled motorcycle daredevil was insanely popular in 1974, you would after watching this 1974 TV-movie with Cathy Lee Crosby. (Lesson learned: Be grateful that Palicki doesn't look like she's aboout to jump a shark tank.)