Britney Spears, Album Cover

Dear Ted:
I'm curious. Britney Spears was an incredible performer at one point who no longer seems to have the same talent. Is this permanent? Did her knee injury cause the decline of her once truly superior dancing skills? She no longer even does interviews live. What gives? Is she pushing herself until she's released from her conservatorship? I have seen articles that say that's a really harsh thing to do to someone and it's usually reserved for the really ill or infirm. It's a shame to see what has happened to this really gifted entertainer. What's going on behind the scenes?

Dear It's Britney, Bitch:
True, there has been minimal promotion for her latest album (up until this week), and yes, we would love to see more live interviews from Ms. Spears. But really, can you hold it against her? Although Britney is incredibly focused on her album, we think she has made it clear that her children are her first priority. After her meltdown, we don't blame Brit for easing back into things! And we are so happy for her with the progress she has made. Brit's already a pop legend; she's being smart by putting her sanity above record sales. As for the album? It's hot, and we think there is much more old-Britney-esque entertainment to come.

Dear Ted:
My take on Robert Pattinson's interviews was that he hopes the end of the saga will bring an end to the obsessions and speculations. There was talk about settling down with a quiet life and kids. Plus, he expressed disapproval over flings and infidelity. Did we read the same articles? What part even hinted at Kristen Stewart not being in his life post Twilight?

Dear Rooting for Robsten:
We have never said that these two can't go the distance (in fact, we are rooting for them more than ever). All we said was that their schedules will be different once the saga ends. Trust, romances are easier on the set, and if Rob and Kris want their love to last, they will have to put in the extra effort. Lucky for us all, we totally think they have what it takes to make their relationship a priority after Twilight.

Dear Ted:
How about if Robert Pattinson does a public service announcement for animal shelters and adopt a pet, like volunteer to work at one or even give money to them. There are so many pets that need a good home, or someone to play with even if you can't take them home. All the shelters need additional money. So, Ted, how about contacting Rob's management and suggesting this since you work hard at this project also.

Dear Animal Lovers Unite:
Rob is one step ahead of both of us! Not only did he recently adopt a pooch from an animal shelter, but he dished about his furry friend to Italian Vanity Fair. We love the idea of Rob volunteering, after all, the hottie has shown us he has one of the biggest hearts, but Rob's schedule is super crazy right now. That being said, how much would you love a Robsten volunteer sesh?

Dear Ted:
Is it just me, or is it no coincidence that this whole Black Swan "controversy" came out the same week as the DVD? I feel bad for Sarah Lane—I don't think she's at all responsible for this mess and is having her name dragged through the mud.

Dear Bitter Over Black Swan:
We agree, and have always thought Sarah should get the credit she deserves. As for the story breaking around the time of the DVD? It is odd timing, but we don't think the two are entirely related. What isn't a coincidence on the other hand: The fact that the YouTube clip showing the facial replacement was removed by Fox Searchlight, just before the release of the DVD. 

Dear Ted:
My kids have taken up watching the cartoon Family Guy. Lately there have been a lot of Tom Cruise gay innuendos/jokes...I would think he would be suing them. Do those writers know things we don't?

Dear Tom in the Closet:
Nope, these writers just seem to be pulling the same Tom Cruise gay innuendos that have always been overused. South Park's already made an episode out of the joke. It's time to put it to rest. 

Dear Ted:
When I read that King Schlong's not overly overcompensating and that everyone that matters has worked with him, the one that came to my mind is Morgan Freeman. He has worked with just about everyone that matters, and I have never heard of him overcompensate himself for any role he may take on (real life or movie life). Which is kind of rare in that town, no?

Dear Darling:
Thank you for the biggest laugh of the week. No. Not him. Much younger.

Dear Ted:
I love Khloé Kardashian Odom! I may watch her show!

Dear Keen on Khloé:
We love her too! She's definitely the most outrageous out of the Kardashian bunch, which of course, makes her the most fun to watch.

Dear Ted:
Regarding Natalie Portman's multitudes of awards, could it not be argued that she won based more on the studio's publicity campaign of supposed ballet prep and starvation (and even her pregnancy), than she did on her acting merits? This is the same woman who was horrible in the Star Wars prequels, Where the Heart is, V for Vendetta and The Other Boleyn Girl, to name a few. If she's not overacting, she's completely wooden. Take away the dancing, and all the other women in her category, in my opinion, were superior in subtlety and depth, including both Hailee Steinfeld and Jennifer Lawrence.

Dear Peeved Over Portman:
We have to first disagree, as we think Nat has done some fabulous work in her past films. We also thought her acting was phenomenal in Black Swan and think she deserved the Oscar regardless. True, the studio shouldn't have been so shady in its Oscar campaign, but even without the dancing, Nat put in an extraordinary amount of work. On a different note, and since you love Jennifer Lawrence, are you as excited about The Hunger Games as we are?!

Dear Ted:
Who do you think will call it quit first, Tomkat, Bennifer or Brangelina? I feel all these couples are fake and put on a show. Team Robsten.

Dear Fakin' It:

Dear Ted:
Thanks for lifting my spirit this a.m., Ted.

Dear You're Welcome:

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