The same day Britney Spears announced she was going on tour with Enrique Iglesias, he said it wasn't happening.

But Brit can't sit around and be sad that her tour partner bailed before the shows even began. She's got an album to promote!

So last night, Brit took her promo tour to L.A. to do her thang on Jimmy Kimmel's show.

And by the looks of her lackluster moves, maybe she was a bit bummed about yesterday's events...

Now, we all know BritBrit's never been much of a singer during her live shows, but she always could bust some serious moves.

That wasn't the case last night.

The Femme Fatale totally seemed to be phoning it in during her rendition of Hold It Against Me.

Flapping your arms around and falling backwards into the arms of your backup dancers doesn't count as dancing, in our book.

We'll cut her some slack on this one, because she did kind of have a bad day.

Getting ditched by your tour's openning act the very same day you announce it, which is also the same day that your album drops, is kind of rough.

And maybe Brit got wind of the news that Kevin Federline is fathering yet another child with his girlfriend.

So Brit gets a pass for this performance. We love the new album and we want to see her succceed, but next time, Brit, hit us a little harder, 'kay?

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