Adrianne Palicki


If Adrianne Palicki used the lasso of truth on us, we'd have to admit that the first photo of her in the Wonder Woman costume left a lot to be desired. It just wasn't what we had in mind for our new TV superhero.

Now we have new pics and video and this time Palicki's not just standing there posing. Oh, no. She's in full Wonder Woman mode! Filming on the dark and mean streets of Hollywood last night, our hero is chasing...something. Or she's running from something. Either way, she's springing into action while stuffed into her Wonder Woman outfit.

And speaking of that red-and-blue ensemble, we've spotted changes since the first photo was released...

Apparently the powers that be heard our cries of "Good Lord, no!" because it looks like they revamped the Wonder Woman outfit. They've toned down the shiny, painted-on pants and got rid of the blue boots, making the costume a little less, um, stripper-esque? Is that the word we're looking for?

Looks like Adrianne is really throwing herself into the role, to the point where she's just about busting out of her top. Now that'll be distracting.  If we could all just get past the costume, everything would look great! Except that's all you're looking at while perusing the photos. Is that the kiss of death for NBC and David E. Kelley's reboot of the Wonder Woman series before it's even aired? Will fans be unable to get onboard the show if they can't seem to get onboard with the outfit?

What do you guys think of the first photos of Wonder Woman in action? Does Adrianne look Wonder Woman perfect…or just ridiculous?

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