Angelina Jolie, Female Force Comic Book

Bluewater Comics

Angelina Jolie's not bad. She's just drawn that way.

While Bluewater Productions supposedly intends for its Female Force comic book series to showcase powerful, inspiring women in an accessible way, that's hard to do when your cover girl's face has been whittled down to nothing except for a mouth that warns you not to get too close...

Because you'll be eaten if you do!

Jolie's real-life beauty is undeniable, and, obviously she's already done the cinematic superwoman thing, in the Tomb Raider films, Salt, etc. (And if we were forced to choose, we'd say the image on the far right looks the most like the movie star.)

But for a comic book that's supposed to shed more light on her career, life choices and work as a U.N. ambassador...What's with the boobs?!

Jolie's issue is part of a biographical series, and we doubt the Michelle Obama, Margaret Thatcher and Sarah Palin installments featured quite the same neckline. (Though Thatcher did accomplish a lot with her cleavage back in the day...)

Anyway, Bluewater also produces a Fame series (the latest cover girl is Fergie), so why didn't they plaster Jolie's pout 'n' breasts on the cover of that, considering it's about celebrities? Oh well, at least there are a zillion actual pictures of her out there to look at, lest we forget that Angie usually covers up a little more when she's baring her altruistic side.

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