Sarah Gardon, Robert Pattinson

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As we told you yesterday, newcomer Sarah Gadon has landed the golden opportunity of a lifetime: to be Robert Pattinson's next leading lady, playing R.Pattz's wife in David Cronenberg's new film, Cosmopolis.

We wondered aloud if Sarah's going to be another Nikki Reed or Emilie De Ravin and cause endless gossip about what exactly is going on in those trailers between takes. Well, guess what?

Sarah heard us:

She wasn't too happy, apparently. As a result, friends of Sarah's gallantly came to her defense, explaining a few things:

First off, the young actress who's about to be seen in such A-list flicks as The Moth Diaries, A Dangerous Method and Jim Sheridan's Dream House, is not in the least bit interested in taking Kristen Stewart's place as Rob's real-life girlfriend. Sarah is, as one of her chums put it, "taken."

Whew! Guess that calms a least some folks down. But others, to be sure, will be conjuring up all sorts of imaginary "looks" between Rob and Sarah once filming for the suspense thriller begins. Count on it.

Also, Sarah did not confirm her casting in Cosmopolis. One of her reps did, only because Sarah's camp was being inundated with queries, and they felt it time to set the record straight. In other words, Sarah would have preferred to keep things private, which is her style.

Good to know. That's so Rob's speed, right? Will make for better movie making.

So, everybody, go easy on the babe: We're assured Sarah's "so not like that," as far as the grasping, typical rising Hollywood starlet thing goes and that Gadon really is "a sweet girl."

Let's hope she can stay that way!

Because even playing Rob's other half is no easy task. Far from it.

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