Jake Gyllenhaal

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What had Jake Gyllenhaal feeling all kinds of queasy recently?

Filming his new sci-fi thriller flick Source Code. It's not that it had anything to do with his beautiful costars Michelle Monaghan and Vera Farmiga...

"Because the train [we filmed on] was moving back and forth and we were on a stage so much, we literally had motion sickness," the hunky actor told us last night at the film's Hollywood premiere. "We thought that the earth was moving because the train had been moving, but it wasn't...I just loved the moment when Michelle and I, after a week of shooting on the train, we were at lunch and I caught her kind of holding on to the table at lunch [for support]."

As for the flick itself, he dished, "It's high intensity, that's for sure! There's definitely a lot of running around, a lot of questioning people and occasionally a scuffle here and there."

During our red carpet chat, Gyllenhaal also confirmed reports that he will be starring in the upcoming cop drama End of Watch.

"I have a movie that I'm about to shoot in July with David Ayer who wrote Training Day, he's directing it, about two Los Angeles police department officers and their partnership and their lives outside of work. But it's an unbelievable script."

So will he be hitting the streets with real-life officers to train for the film?

"Yes!" he answered quickly. "If we're allowed."

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