Sarah Gadon, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart

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How many times has this happened before? First, of course, there was Nikki Reed in the first Twilight movie. Then, later on and much more seriously, there was concern of Emilie De Ravin, Robert Pattinson's Remember Me costar. It never really got that intense about Reese Witherspoon, Rob's Water For Elephants costar, and, well, Reese did just get married this past weekend.

But the female point is—and always is—whichever pretty young thing stars opposite Kristen Stewart's real-life BF also gets to star in a second movie, a sort of unofficial director's bonus.

Although you might want to call it a "devil's advocate" bonus, as newcomer Sarah Gadon is about to find out:

Because Rob is getting all wifed up in David Cronenberg's upcoming flick, Cosmopolis. And guess which lucky lady get's that job?

Yep. Gadon. (But this casting happened only after Cronenberg's first choice, Keira Knightley, didn't work out.)

Oh, and Sarah and Robert just might be locking some lips, too! Yum! Not even K.Stew gets to do it with Rob that much, considering their travel schedules—not to mention a major shyness prob they've both got.

So is K.Stew jealous?

"Hardly," says someone close to Ms. K.

Now, we've confirmed directly with Gadon's peeps  that she is indeed getting this fabulous jump in her career. The director wouldn't confirm. But Camp Gadon did.

And why not? Had many folks heard of Gadon before?

Well, Cronenberg had. He worked with her on his flick A Dangerous Method. But this time around, the sometimes bizarro director will be directing Rob and Sarah in a story where a financial wunderkind (Pattinson) risks everything in the stock-trading world and is estranged from his wife in the personal one. Hmmm. Think K.Stew had that last part of the plot worked in?

Oh, there's also another Kristen connection to note here: Gadon also tested for Snow White. She tried for the role that eventually went to Kristen.

Let's hope this Gadon gal doesn't want to get revenge for that disappointment with our boy Rob!

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