Mariah Carey Decorates Baby Bump Like Ginormous Easter Egg

Singer shows off her full belly on Twitter with some interesting body painting going on

By Marianne Garvey Mar 28, 2011 7:24 PMTags
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We know Mariah Carey loves butterflies, but this sucker's almost as big as Mothra!

The singer, who had a false-alarm labor on Sunday, today tweeted a pic of her belly (with the babies still in there) painted with a big red and blue butterfly.

Why, you may ask?

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"My attempt @ festiveness on 327! for ATLITL thank u + I♥U! Comin soon #dembabies! LYMA+thankx 4 making me happy:)," she wrote.

Mariah and hubby Nick Cannon had a big day yesterday, with the singer turning 42 and being rushed to the hospital after experiencing contractions she thought presaged the arrivals of her twins, a boy and a girl.

She later tweeted that all was OK.

"They almost came on 3/27- happy anniversary indeed!!! We have a few more weeks 2 go but- wow!!! : ) #soreadyallready!"