All for one, and one for 3D! Get ready to hear that catchphrase a lot this year as The Three Musketeers once again bringing their swashbuckling ways to the big screen.

It's a good thing they're returning too, because if this new trailer is any indication, these masters of swordplay may be the world's only hope, what with leather-masked dudes arising from the water with weird pronged weapons and Michael Bay-worthy explosions galore.

Check it out!

The ominous weight of danger is clear right from the start, as a deep voice intones: "There are things in this world worth fighting and dying for." Like a really good chocolate cake, right? Unfortunately, no.

The scary baritone continues: "We're surrounded by enemies. War will engulf the entire continent. Only we can prevent the coming apocalypse." Wow. Kinda sounds like we're screwed.

Fortunately, d'Artagnan (Logan Lerman, Percy Jackson and the Olympians) and the gang are up to the task. Needless to say, the new trailer will meet or exceed your daily quota for sword fighting and also provides a few teases of how things will look in 3-D (Note: Look out for cannonballs!). Also featured? A brief curtsey from Orlando Bloom and some seriously impressive Matrix moves from Milla Jovovich—not easy to pull off in a mantua.

Check out the trailer and tell us what you think. The Three Musketeers hits theaters Oct. 14.

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