Rebecca Black, Ryan Seacrest

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So True So False, STSF

If anyone has seen a lot of talented teenagers come to Hollywood in hopes of hitting it big as pop stars, it's Ryan Seacrest.

So it really makes perfect sense that the American Idol  and E! News host noticed the media hype surrounding 13-year-old Rebecca Black and her YouTube-sensation single "Friday" and, after having her on his KIIS-FM show, put the kid's camp in touch with top music manager Debra Baum of DB Entertainment.

That's the "aw, shucks" story that's out there, anyway. But is that how her recent major career move really came about? Hang onto your contracts, kids, because this rumor is...

So false!

Baum is indeed Rebecca's new manager and Seacrest isn't entirely not involved, but he did not set the deal in motion.

"It was actually Tony Novia who made many recommendations to Rebecca and her parents about me as a manager," Baum tells E! News. "It was not Ryan. Tony is an executive who works for Ryan's company."

Right now, Baum says, they're focused on getting Rebecca into the studio "very soon" to start recording material for what will ultimately be a full-length album to show what the teen is really capable of.

"She is unbelievable," Baum adds.

Actually, Rebecca's already got the major-recording-artist thing down in at least one respect: She will be donating part of her "Friday" proceeds to disaster relief in Japan and to her school.

So Seacrest may not have been entirely out of the loop on this one. But he might not be the first guy Rebecca thanks when she wins her first Grammy.

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