Water for Elephants, Robert Pattinson

20th Century Fox

Dear Ted:
Is Robert Pattinson really what he makes himself out to be? I don't care who he sleeps with or if he does any questionable activities, but I'm more interested if he really is a sweet guy that is still humble and pleasant, or if he acts arrogant and stuck up? Is he really insecure and self-deprecating, or is that all an act?

Dear Arrogant Edward:
If any half of the Robsten duo is humble, pleasant and outright super sweet it's definitely Rob. Well, at least from all the promotional interviews he has been doing for Water for Elephants lately. And judging by our own time when we've met him. Don't shoot, Krisbians, Kristen is amazing in her own right, but Rob just seems more genuine. Definitely not playing up some sweet-guy image, just being himself. Also, don't be quick to label him arrogant. He's just over being a pasty vamp is all.

Dear Ted:
Are Strippa Rip-Ya and Caesar Anchovy Arse Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale?

Dear Rippin' Rockstars:
Awesome guess, hon! But nope, it isn't that lovely pair. They actually seem to get along well. No need for faking.

Dear Ted:
Now I'm very angry. Everyday the same BS from the nonstens and haters. They bash Rob and Kristen. They spill lies about Rob. And you? You don't do anything. Why not? Because you like to get hits. Right? I'm very, very angry.

Dear Really Pissed Off:
If I could slam down every nonsten you know I totally would. But that would be an eternal job. Seriously, I write about the cute pair because I dig them. Period. So try to ignore the haters, and smile. That's what Rob and Kristen do, isn't it?

Dear Ted:
In the case of Cookie Muncher, honestly, how is it that stories like this never end up in the tabloids? Yeah, yeah, confidentiality agreements are a dime a dozen in T-town. But are we supposed to believe that every reveler at that party was actually made to sign one? That just doesn't seem plausible. Or is it simply that even the tabloids know where to draw the moral line sometimes?

Dear Stressed About It:
My guess is either the partygoers were just as hammered as she was so they couldn't pull together the crucial information, or they are decent (shocking) human beings. Not everyone wants to spill salacious dirt publicly! Plus, celebs sue, and they have fierce friggin' teams of lawyers that would, and will take down any falsehoods or truths. So unethical, no?

Dear Ted:
Is Ashton Kutcher King Schlong?

Dear Demeaning:
No, but he sure wishes he was.

Dear Ted:
It's about time the A.T. started showing The Hunger Games some love. Since someone suggested Gary Busey for Haymitch, I just have to do it. Can anyone else picture Charlie Sheen as Haymitch now, or is it just me?

Dear Too Much Tiger Blood:
Anyone but him, please. I'll even settle with a Mel Gibson comeback, but Charlie is pushing it. Good thing he has bigger things to worry about like suing, like, the entire world before he even debates a serious movie career.

Dear Ted:
Got another Hunger Games casting question! What about Avan Jogia for the role of Gale? He seems maybe a little young, but I think it could work. Who else would be a contender for the role? And when are we gonna find out who's Peeta! I'm so anxious!

Dear Ants in Your Pants:
I don't know about Avan. Something about him rubs me in an awkward way. I feel almost like his facial features are not strong enough, and a bit feminine for the role. Plus, Katniss and Gale have to resemble each other, and Avan looks remotely nothing like Jennifer Lawrence. Gale is supposed to be gorgeous, and sorry, for some weird reason I don't find Avan striking.

Dear Ted:
Hello! Recently, you are accused of going on the side of nonsten. What can you say in your defense?

Dear Attacking the Messenger:
Not sure where all this doubt is coming from, Twi-hards, but we've all been Robsten supporters at A.T. from day one. Otherwise, we would not flood the blog with daily info about the pair. A nonsten I am not. Be sure of that, dolls!

Dear Ted:
I'm currently obsessed with Hayden Christensen. He's hot, a good actor and seems like a cool guy. My question is: Does he have a Blind Vice?

Dear Relayshes on Hiatus:
Haven't you noticed that his relaysh with Rachel Bilson is consistently on and off? As much as they try to deny it, there is something not so squeaky clean there. At least one of them is a big ol' Vicer (if not both).

Dear Ted:
So I have a guess on one of our bigger Vicers. Is our dear sweet Pricilla Desert the multitalented Julianne Hough? She dated that country singer and now Ryan Seacrest.

Dear Not Dry Enough:
Well, that we know of at least. P.D. is the definition of celibate for the sake of business, never pleasure. I bet Julianne doesn't have a mutual feeling there. Either way, Priscilla ain't Ry's pretty lady. 

Dear Ted:
Is King Schlong Olivia Wilde's ex, Tao Ruspoli?

Dear Looong Shot:
Seriously? The day King Schlong is actually revealed may be the end of the world, but really. Tao is not at all on Schlong's level, in any department for that matter.

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