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Dear Ted:
Regarding Hunger Games casting: I can see Mel Gibson as Haymitch. He'd be able to do the drunken/mad part as well as the later brilliant part.

Dear High-larious:
How funny would that be? With everyone all for Mel making an onscreen comeback, we think casting him as Haymitch in The Hunger Games would be as equally fabulous as devastating. Mel playing the older, more experienced and drunken gamer to Jenifer Lawrence's Katniss would be entertaining to say the least. Time for the haywire Haymitch to come out and play, no?

Dear Ted:
I'm a little shocked you pigeon-holed Hugh Laurie as House. Did you forget The Black Adder, Stuart Little, 101 Dalmatians, Frye & Laurie, etc.? The man more than has the chops for this. Although Brad Pitt is one of those intriguing casting ideas that you know will never happen...but yet!

Dear Having None of It:
All right, all right I pinned House on the actor because, honestly, that is what he is most recently, and widely, known for. It's no offense to his previous work; I just can't include every role he has ever had in my first reference of him. Sorry. The man has chops, but my vote is still against him since there are way more talented actors out there, even better than Mr. Pitt.

Dear Ted:
Since your last Bitch-Back included casting thoughts on Haymitch from The Hunger Games, what about Paul Giamatti? Too old? What about Robert Downey Jr.? Too much of a commitment?

Dear Hunger for a Funny Haymitch:
RDJ is what we like to hear. Hands down, he is the best choice, and any director would have to be mental to disagree. Not only has he had issues in the past and looks harsh on the outside; he is totally personable as soon as he smiles. He's the definition of Haymitch, but not sure if THG is really his thing. Annoying, right? Let's be real though, RDJ is like Mel Gibson and Brad Pitt combined. He would own that role.

Dear Ted:
We have a true tragedy on our hands! Alex Pettyfer and Timothy Olyphant would make the perfect Peeta and Haymitch, but they already did that on I Am Number Four! If you had to choose between one of the two for the roles, who would you pick?

Dear Casting Recall:
Alex, for sure. I'm telling you, he has got that Peeta look down pat. Olyphant semi blends in with the rest. Haymitch needs to be a strong character, and I'm not sure Timothy is quite there yet. Then again, maybe they're looking for an older guy who can pull off the young thing? I don't like it, but who's to knock it until we see who lands the role of Peeta? That will make all the difference.

Dear Ted:
How about Matt Czuchry for Peeta? I think he would be perfect. I am not loving the choice of Jennifer Lawrence for Katniss...what do you think?

Dear Too Presh:
Aside from looking the part—which I guess isn't too hard if you are a cute, blond dude—Matt isn't strong enough for this role. While most of us totally loved him in Gilmore Girls and now in The Good Wife, this gig could be a bit more than he can chew right now.

Dear Ted:
Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge? Really?

Dear Hater:
Why not? They are both so hot, and together they make a yummy pair. We told you that the two have been munching together and even some tear shedding was involved. This is bound to be one rollercoaster of a relaysh, and I can't wait to see how it soars, or crashes for that matter!

Dear Ted:
Just saw the trailer for Captain America. How in the world did they make Chris Evans look so small and puny at the beginning of the movie? Chest shaved, but those buff muscles are gone, as is his weight. Computer-generated images? Stand-in skinny guy with Evans's head superimposed? Did Evans lose a lot of weight (aka Christian Bale) for this role? Truly doesn't even look like the same guy—until he pumps up in that machine and comes out buff.

Dear Reading Into the Production:
It's cinematography. They need to mess with you a little to keep you interested, and it looks like it's working. Rumor has it that Chris was struggling to lose the weight needed to look like the presuperhero character, so the creators had to use sophisticated CGI, which totally explains the scrawny image at the beginning. The actor was required to gain more than 20 pounds of muscle. Ashley Greene must love that, moving on to beefier things. We like! 

Dear Ted:
I am just in love with Taylor Kitsch. I love Tim Riggins, and Taylor just seems like a really good human. Tell me I am right!

Dear Only on Friday Nights:
Just kidding! The Friday Night Lights TV hunk seems like a sweetheart, and he is definitely flying under the radar, making him all the more amazing. You know how some of those hit TV show stars end up in our Vice records. Not this one!

Dear Ted:
Regarding the "relationship" of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, do you think it to be real or a ploy of the studio to fill seats? I will be extremely disappointed if it's all hype and will protest anyway I can. I've only discovered I have romantic bones after all.

Dear Twi-Activist:
From the looks of the latest mag interviews Rob has been doing, it almost seems like he is hinting at the end of not only Twilight gossip, but his relationship as well. I mean, we might all be heavily reading into it all as hopeless romantics, but it's suspicious. They seem to be in love, but I guess only the Breaking Dawn will tell.  

Dear Ted:
I'm getting antsy waiting for the new season of True Blood, tell me, how many of the castmembers have Blind Vices? Just a number, pretty please!
—ants in my pants

Dear Bloody Vices:
There is only one you should really care for (and about). Let's be real.

Dear Ted:
So, our friend Marc Anthony has now officially joined Twitter. We should all rejoice in the streets, since according to his bio on Twitter, he is "One of the most influential artists of his time and a true ambassador of Latin music and culture." And while I can agree with the ambassador part, I cannot agree on the rest. Seriously? How does J.Lo put up with that crap? Must be a real bitch.

Dear Latin Lover:
Who's the real bitch, J.Lo or her hubby? Don't be quick to bash on Jen. True, she has been known to date a douche or two in her day, but she totally means well. Plus, I would consider her the real ambassador of the Latin music and culture. The babe is most likely a master at handling egos like his, and when that doesn't work, she's always got all that work to run away to. What is he doing with his career, anyway? Must be hard falling short in her shadow, huh?  

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