Feud Alert! Kirstie Alley Smites "Big Bad Drunk Wolf" George Lopez After Piggy Comment

Actress laughs off comedian's mean-spirited Dancing With the Stars critique

By Natalie Finn Mar 25, 2011 1:45 AMTags
Kirstie Alley Twittertwitter.com

Is someone sore that he isn't dancing with the stars this season?

A day after George Lopez poked so-called fun at the latest crop of contestants and invoked the "this little piggy" nursery rhyme when talking about Kirstie Alley, the actress doesn't appear to be taking the late-night host's unconstructive criticism to heart.

In fact, she laughed in the face of his mean-spirited slam.

"Don't worry about George's comments...," she told her outraged fans via Twitter, "just remember what happens to the big bad, drunk woolf...falls in a boiling pot of vodka.Piggy laughs."

Alley was the belle of the ball on Monday night's premiere of Dancing With the Stars after she silenced all doubters (though apparently not all the haters) with a very impressive cha-cha that earned a 23 from the judges, good enough to put her in second place behind Ralph "Gene Kelly" Macchio.

The Emmy winner has always been very public about her ongoing battle with her weight, from calling her Showtime mockumentary series Fat Actress to proudly serving as the face of Jenny Craig.

Lopez has a nightly platform from which to fire back at Alley's dig, but...does he dare?