Grey's Anatomy: Lexie's Romance With Jackson Is Not Just a "Rebound Thing"

Team Mark or Team Jackson: Which way does star Chyler Leigh lean, and when will we learn Lexie's pick?

By Jennifer Arrow Mar 24, 2011 8:20 PMTags
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Team Mark (Eric Dane) or Team Jackson (Jesse Williams)?

That's the decision us Grey's Anatomy fans have to make this season, as our girl Lexie decides which way her life should go: Settle down with a reformed lothario and his kid by another woman, or hook up with the superfine, supersweet young doc her own age?

So, which way does star Chyler Leigh lean, and when will we learn which team Lexie finally picks? Find out:

Q&A With Chyler Leigh

Where is Lexie emotionally at the moment?
She was definitely quite devastated by the fact that Callie (Sara Ramirez) is having the baby, and just that Mark got her in this situation again...Obviously, in moments like that, there's a bit of that selfish thing that comes in like, "How could you do this to me?" He didn't do it to her intentionally, but still she was very devastated. And when she walked out, she definitely walked away from the whole situation and the relationship.

What's the biggest obstacle for Lexie and Mark?
That underlying theme of why they hadn't been together is that they're at very two different places in their lives, and he wants so much more than she is willing to give—he wants marriage, he wants a house, he wants babies, and she's like, "I just want to not be a resident and make it to being an attending." So for Lexie, [Mark and Callie's baby] is something that completely blindsided her and she is not in a place where she is willing to give that up. And in comes Jackson, who swoops in right at the right moment, and the two of them have so much in common and they're in the same place in their lives.

Is Jackson just a rebound thing or is there something more there?
I wouldn't say it's immediately a rebound thing. No, I wouldn't really say it's a rebound. Sure, there is a part of Lexie who really needs to be needed and needs to be loved. Whoever she gets that love from, be it Meredith or her dad, she just wants to feel that. So with Jackson, he genuinely cares about her and she does care about him, they're friends, they've really come into a great friendship and relationship as far as that goes, and then you add in some really steamy shower scenes, and he is something new and refreshing and exciting, and that's kind of where she is at this point. She's just trying to move on and just enjoy the moment, that's what she's trying to do: not have to think so much about the future.

What's your favorite thing about her relationship with Jackson?
With her and Jackson there's something that's just really refreshing about it, and there's something kind of young in their relationship and young altogether. There's something to be said for people who are at the same place and want the same things.

At the same time, she still loves Mark. A few episodes ago she said, "I love you" to him, and that's the first time she ever said that to him. And I don't think it was just "I love you because you helped me get through this really hard day." It was genuine. I think she does absolutely still love Mark, and I think that's really what is going to be the struggle, and what's really going to be hard for her, is to see if despite all the differences, they actually can make it work. And if it's really worth it.

What's Lexie's arc for the remainder of the season?
At this point she is trying to encourage Jackson to push as hard as he can, and an interesting situation comes up with Alex. And obviously what the musical episode centers around is about this situation that comes up with Callie, which ends up being an all-hands-on-deck scenario. Everybody's involved in that, medically and emotionally.

The big thing for Lexie, I think for the rest of the season is just going to be that question of what she's going to do personally, and where her heart lies. I think she's going to reach some sort of decision by the end of this season, by probably the finale episode. She's going to have some sort of decision, and whether or not that sticks is yet to be determined.

So, where do your loyalties lie, gentle readers? We used to root for Mark and Lexie, but darn if we're not shifting slightly in the direction of Jackson. Among other things, Lexie is way too good for Mark. What do you think? Hit the comments!

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