Jon Cryer, Larry King, Duct Tape

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People, we're getting close. So close, that it's become difficult to tell which number is smaller: The days between now and The Soup Awards, or the active neurons in Gary Busey's brain. It's anyone's guess.* 

Which is to say, the one-hour Soup Awards extravaganza will be here soon. Yes, on Friday April 1 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, our charming leader Joel McHale will be handing out awards to the people who have been most worthy of our ridicule this year.     

What's more, the rumors you haven't heard are true: This year we want you to help us decide which celebrities will appear on the show. So vote in the following poll, and let us know which stars you'd like to see stand within sniffing distance of the handsome McHale.

This week's choices are: Two and a Half Men's Jon Cryer, Larry King's Larry King and RuPaul's own personal tuck tape.

Vote after the jump, and then tune in April 1 and let the madness on screen curve your lips upwards and force joyful, staccato ejaculations of sound from your mouth.

*Except for Gary's, of course. He doesn't have enough neurons to venture a guess.

Soup Awards Celebrity-Appearance Poll #2
Who do you want to see make an appearance?

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