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Forget I Am Number Four. Zsa Zsa Gabor is worried she's No. 3.

The 94-year-old socialite has been hospitalized once again, this time, according to her rep, after coverage of Elizabeth Taylor's passing sent Gabor's blood pressure soaring.

Let's hope it's not a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Publicist John Blanchett said Gabor was taken to the hospital last night after becoming distraught while watching news reports about the 79-year-old screen legend's death from congestive heart failure and expressing fears Gabor would be the third to go—an allusion to the old Tinseltown tale that celebrities die in threes.

"Oh, Jane Russell and Liz Taylor—I'm next," the rep quoted the grief-stricken Moulin Rouge star as saying. (Erstwhile pinup Russell died of respiratory failure on Feb. 28 at 89.)

No word on Gabor's condition, but Blanchette said the Hungarian actress is intent on sticking around, insisting "she's not going to be the third."

Gabor and Taylor were good friends and even neighbors at one point in their lives. And both have been plagued with multiple health issues over the years.

Zsa Zsa has been hanging on, surviving a 2002 car accident which left her partially paralyzed as well as a gangrene infection and blood cots following hip surgery last July. In January, she was said to be upbeat despite having a portion of her right leg amputated.

Get well, dahling.

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