Jeremy Piven, Charlie Sheen

Move over, John Stamos. Step aside, Rob Lowe. Jeremy Piven is the latest star to have his name floated as a possible replacement for Charlie Sheen on the still lead-less Two and a Half Men.

So what does Team Piven have to say about this?

Well, for starters, it just so happens that Team Piven once shared a bench with Team Sheen—publicist extraordinaire Stan Rosenfield reps the Entourage star and, until recently, was also the go-to mouthpiece for Charlie.

However, that seems to be the extent of their professional similarities.

"[Piven] nor anyone who reps him knows anything about this," Rosenfield told E! News of the report that Piven was all but lined up to step into the once and possibly future prime-time hit.

Indeed, it certainly seems that any male star of a certain age with a track record in TV will eventually have his name floated through the press as a possible replacement.

But there's no harm in giving CBS execs some ideas, right?

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