Anne Hathaway is on to us.

Fresh off her recent gig cohosting the Oscars with James Franco, the Oscar-nominated star was in Rio de Janeiro for the premiere of her latest flick, Rio. We chatted with Anne and got all caught up on what she's been up to since the Academy Awards (racking up the frequent flyer miles), her must-have Brazilian accessory and, oh yeah, if she's considering recording an album.

But we definitely weren't expecting Anne to beat us at our own game!

First off, this animated flick costarring the Social Network's Jesse Eisenberg is Anne's film singing debut. Plus, she sang at the Oscars. And with stars like Gwyneth Paltrow booking studio time, we just had to wonder if Hathaway had similar ambitions.

"You know what, you entertainment news journalists are dangerous," Anne joked. "You take a little tiny thing and you blow it up into a new career!" that a yes or a no? Hey, we're just people asking questions here.

"But people on the internet only hear the question!" the red carpet beauty pointed out...(hmmm, maybe our headline proves her point.) "[But] no current plans," she went on to tell us. "Very happy acting, and I wish Gwyneth all the best. She's enormously talented."

While we got our answer, it still feels like Anne beat us at our own game. And really, we wouldn't expect anything less from her. Anne Hathaway, 1, entertainment news journalists, 0.

Check out the rest of the video to hear more from the actress and find out what one thing Jesse Eisenberg would love to be able to do.

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