So True? So False? Did Mel B Snub Spice Pal Victoria Beckham Over Baby News?!

Melanie Brown appears to diss former bandmate after giving shout-out to all the other Spice Girls. But did she mean it?

By Gina Serpe Mar 23, 2011 3:22 PMTags
Victoria Beckham, Melanie

Whatever happened to "make it last forever, friendship never ends"? Ah, well. Maybe they brought in a ghostwriter for that particular lyric.

Ordinarily, nothing brings old friends together like news of a baby in the ranks, and when there's two (or three) such joyful bundles on the way, you'd think the renewed bond would be that much stronger, right? Well, maybe if this was someone other than the Spice Girls.

Because on the heels of revealing that she and hubby Stephen Belafonte are expecting their first child together, the only thing Melanie Brown renewed was her oft-cited feud with fellow Spice Mama Victoria Beckham.

Word on the Net is the erstwhile Scary Spice went out of her way in her post-pregnancy announcement joy to name-check each and every one of the Spice Girls who hold a place in her heart—all except for one, that is. But is it true? Did Mel B snub Posh? Fire up the girl power, because this rumor is…

So true! But whether it was intentional or not is another question.

Here's the deal: On Monday, Brown announced her impending stork delivery, making her the third Spice alum to be currently with child (Beckham and Baby Spice Emma Bunton are the other mamas to be). And thus began the flood of congratulatory messages and well-wishes.

With one noticeable absence.

"Ahh big thanks to my spice girls melc,geri and emma for all the baby well wishes! Love you! Xxxxx," Mel B tweeted yesterday.

In fairness, both the ever-sporty Melanie Chisholm and Bunton publicly offered their congratulations, and thus perhaps warranted the also public shout-out.

"More babies!! Love and congratulations to @OfficialMelB and @Stephenthinks1 xx," Mel C tweeted earlier this week.

"@OfficialMelB Yeah!!" Bunton chimed in. "I know we've spoken privately but congratulations again!"

Geri Halliwell has no official Twitter page, yet she also merited the public acknowledgment, which seems to suggest by her omission that Vicky B is the only one to not offer, either publicly or privately, some sort of congratulations.

Despite her having an active Twitter account.

Still, perhaps covering her tracks (or twisting the knife just that little bit more), Mel B followed up her name-naming tweet with a far more inclusive message of love.

"I love and support all my spice girls always have!!!" she wrote. And yes, that includes Victoria.