Chris Brown doesn't seemed too fazed about his shirtless antics following his Good Morning America postshow meltdown yesterday.

He repeated the exact same move during his album release party at Webster Hall in New York that stretched into the wee hours of the morning.

Although he started off his show fully clothed around 12:30 a.m. with a rendition of "Deuces," by the time he was midway through his set, he was stripped down.

And he also took time out to reference his headline-grabbing tantrum...

"I wasn't gonna perform tonight but f--k it!" he told the audience when he first hit the stage.

But a source tells me Chris was always scheduled to perform at the venue for the event.

Later, he said to the crowd: "A lot of whack s--t happened today."

Um, you can say that again. Chris closed his set sans shirt with a cover of "Teach Me How to Dougie."

There was no press line at the party, but tickets were available to the public for $40 and the show wasn't sold out. Employees working the door were oveheard dissing the singer before his show.

However, like the fans gathered outside his hotel earlier in the day, the people who were actually inside seemed to enjoy his act, cheering him on and snapping pics on their cameraphones.

Before hitting Webster Hall, Chris was "in a great mood" during his private dinner party at Abe & Arthur's restaurant, where he celebrated with Russell Simmons, Bow Wow and Estelle.

While the damage he did to his rehabbed reputation during yesterday's events remains to be seen, it looks like legally, he's off the hook.

Sources with both ABC and NYPD tell E! News that the network won't press charges for the damage he caused yesterday, which would violate his terms of probation and that he's still slated to perform on Dancing With the Stars next week.

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